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Brainiac (Evil Alien) Review

Brainiac (Evil Alien)
Superman - Animated Series (Kenner) - Series 1
Superman's greatest nemesis, Brainiac stands about 4.75 inches with basic 5-point articulation with bonus articulation at the waist. He looks exacty like he did on the cartoon with the blue skin and purple/silver/yellow suit colors, and that is always a good thing. His right hand is open so it looks like he is shooting one of those crazy beams he uses out of his hands. His left arm is bent with a fist so he can hold the purple blaster he comes with which shoots a large yellow projectile. But like most shooting weapons, once the spring inside gets worn out, it becomes almost useless. Brainiac comes with his fancy hover-chair-tank vehicle [albeit, a VERY simplified version of it] which was a good idea since he used it often in the show [eventhough he can fly without the chair...]. It looks nice but the entire thing is painted with a metallic grey with yellow "afterburners" on the back which is pretty bland compared to the fantastic machine he used on the show. The blaster can be mounted on the vehicle and Brainiac can sit in it to use the blaster like a turret gun.

His left leg is little shorter than his right which makes it a hassle to stand him up (as well as taking away some much needed height). I dont know if this was done on purpose or by accident but it is annoying! If Brainiac were made a little taller and his left leg were fixed, he would be flawless.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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