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Supergirl Review

Superman - Animated Series (Kenner) - Series 3
Supergirl stands almost 4.5 inches, a perfect size for teenage superheroes. I like this white-shirt, blue-skirt, red-caped suit she has. The old all blue suit was too bland and it made her look like a clone of Superman. She has articulation at the arms, neck, and waist. Her legs are molded out of her skirt and the skirt is sculpted. A fabric skirt would have made her look a little slimmer (and it would have allowed her legs to move). I guess Kenner didnt want to sculpt her panties or something...Her short red cape is also made of plastic, and is removable, but it looks fine (although it stops her head from turning since it hits up against her long hair). Supergirl comes with white/grey armor pieces that snap on to her chest, arms, and legs and with two blaster-cannons that attatch to her arms. When all the armor is on she looks like the Neutron Star Superman. The armor should be stored away because all it does is make her look bad. She looks good as is.

Supergirl had such a pretty face on the cartoon, but the eyes on this figure are spaced out just a millimeter or two too far. That millimeter is enough to make her look...wrong, so very wrong. The rest of her body is perfect, but those eyes...they're too far apart to call her pretty. I hope this is just a defect on the Supergirl I have and not on all of them...

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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