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Batman (Detective) Review

Batman (Detective)
Batman - New Adventures (Kenner)
I was surprised by it's durability in the long run after so many years out of the box I would have thought that it would be loosing color and paint would be coming off to reveal a different color.

The overall toy is a great. Batman's large figure models him perfectly from off of the TV series. They didn't miss a beat when designing they toy. Very nice detail on the arm cuffs and the utility belt. The mobility of the figure itself is outstanding. Even though, like most DC action figures the elbow and knee joints do not move, Batman was able to be set in a number of classic poses.

The accessories were quite enjoyable. The glossy cape, the jetpack/glider and the ray gun with infrared scope. The whole scheme of the secret pictures along the different characters in the series was a brilliant thing. The durability of the accessories was not as exemplary as the figure. After a while the end of the red scope managed to snap off in the ray gun and the plastic which makes of the wings to the glider has been slightly bent over time to reveal a lighter color at the bends. I was most surprised when a layer of gloss from the cape began to peel off, although the neck piece has yet to even stretch.

Overall Batman (Detective) is a great figure.
But to keep it in great condition it needs to be kept in its box.

      by batmatt   Update Review

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