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Alan Grant (Aerial Net Trap) Review

Alan Grant (Aerial Net Trap)
Jurassic Park (Kenner) - Humans
Alan Grant w/Aerial Net Launcher & Pteranodon

When you first pick this figure up, the first thing you will notice is its face...which looks exactly like Alan Grant. Its clothes match his blue t-shirt and khakis. It is overall one of the most detailed human-figures, and with the accessories, hatchling (which is a baby Pteranodon), and Movie Collector Card, you?re sure in for a great Jurassic Park-playing experience. Overall, I give the Series I Alan Grant a 9 out of 10.

Review-Grading scale:
Sculpt :: 10 -- 10
Colors :: 9 -- 10
Accessories :: 7.5 -- 10
Hatchling :: 9 -- 10
Overall :: 9 --10

      by Tyrannosaur22   Update Review

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