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Blight Review

Batman Beyond (Hasbro)
This guy is so cool...well, at least on the Batman Beyond cartoons he was one of the more fascinating villains, but you're here for a figure review, not a character analysis...

Blight stands at 5 inches. Not 4.5 inches or 4.75 inches like some other "5 inch scale" toy lines. He has articulation at the neck, arms, and legs. He looks exactly like he is supposed to, clear radioactive green with his skeleton glowing through. Blight has a glow-in-the-dark spine, ribcage, and skull. His hands are dusted with the glowing material as well so in the dark his hands look like they are flaring with radioactivity. The darkglow-paint is high quality and it is VERY bright. Good stuff. The way his legs and arms were sculpted allows you to position him in many many menacing poses. You can do angry-Blight, lazy-Blight, thoughtful-Blight, disco-dancing-Blight, kung-fu-fighting-Blight, the possibilities are endless, and so is the fun.

Blight is almost perfect, except he's kinda...naked. In the cartoon his artificial skin and suits would periodically shed and tear due to his powerful radioactive body, but not tear ENTIRELY away. Some large part of his slacks and coat would always be left on him but this figure is entirely see-through light green. Also, he seems a little too muscular compared to the guy in the show. Blight comes with some crazy malfunctioning weapon that is best left unmentioned considering he never used weapons in the show since he practically IS a weapon...

Since Blight doesn't have even a few shreds of clothes, he gets a 4.5.

...handstand-Blight, soccer-coach-Blight, Playgirl-model-Blight, a-racecar-named-desire-Blight...STELLA!!...endless possibilities...

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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