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Batman (Power Cape) Review

Batman (Power Cape)
Batman Beyond (Hasbro)
Bats stands at 4.75 inches (and 5 inches if you count his pointy ears). 4.75 inches is a very good thing, considering this Batman is only a teenager and would look weird if he were any taller. He has articulation at the shoulders, neck, and legs. The shoulders have a free-range of movement so his arms can move almost anyway you want. The annoying thing about Bats's arms is that he doesn't have elbow joints, so he can't be posed in any really threatening positions. On the Batman Beyond cartoon, Bats uses rockets on his feet and small wingflaps under his arms to fly and glide around with, and so does this one! The fabric wingflaps are red on the front and black on the back. They have small rings on the tips to clip onto Batman's wrists while the other ends are permanently clamped into his back, so if you want to remove the wingflaps you're going to have to rip them off at their base...thankfully the rockets are made of soft plastic and ARE removable. Bats also comes with an over-sized bat-a-rang as a weapon. I never saw him use one that big on the cartoon, but hey, no one messes with a guy with a giant bat-a-rang.

This "Power Cape" Batman is the one to get if you want the original black/red/silverbelt suit he had on the cartoon and not one of those...OTHERS. Bats fits right in with the old Superman:TAS, Batman:TAS, and even the Marvel lines like F4 and Spiderman:TAS line of figures but NOT with the new Justice League line. Bats is a little too tall for them. This is a VERY BAD THING. Our future Batman is too good for the new Justice League line.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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