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Octo-Spidey Review

Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 6
Octo-Spidey is another variant of Spiderman but I think he's worth getting because he was on the Spiderman cartoon...and he's cool-looking.

Spidey stands at 5 inches tall and has articulation everywhere, except his waist, just like Scarlet Spider and Spiderman 2099. He has the same suit as the original Spiderman and everything is crisply painted. He has a very good paintjob, even the spider on his back is very neatly done. Octo-Spidey comes with 4 posable tentacles that look better and work better than the tentacles Dr Octopus uses! The tentacles are 5 inches long each, nicely detailed, and can be bent and posed in any crazy position you want! All 4 are attached to a belt that can be fastened to his waist, and also attached are small cables that lead to a helmet-visor. The belt and visor are easily removable, which is a good thing because this Spiderman figure has that great crisp original paint job, unlike the Super-posable Spidey which has a slightly blurry paintjob. I think his eyes are a little too small though.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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