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Nick Fury Review

Nick Fury
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 5
The immortal Nick Fury is further immortalized in plastic. I'm glad this guy was released but I wish there were more SHIELD agents made, like that pretty red-head he was always talking to on the cartoon...Anyway...

Nick stands at 5 inches of muscle with basic articulation, including the knees and elbows. He wears the standard dark blue suit with white trimmings of top-ranked SHIELD officers. Utility belts, ammo straps, and a gun holster are all sculpted onto him with high detail. The SHIELD emblem is emblazoned on his left shoulder and belt. He also has a name tag so you'll always know who kicked your arse. The resemblance to his appearance on the cartoon is pretty good, with the stubble, eye patch, and white streaks in his hair. His face is in a constant scowl, it almost looks like he's wincing from some injury. Nick's hands are BIG. They are the same hands used on the Morbius figure so they look a little more like gnarled claws than hands, but his large hands are a minor problem.

As befits a man of his profession, he comes with a missile-launcher you can clip to his back, two little canisters which you can attach to the sides of his boots, and of course, a big gun. The missile launcher can be painful if you hit yourself in the eye because the springs that launch the missiles are very strong. You also get a nifty SHIELD pin as a bonus so you can pretend to be the SHIELD agent you know you'll never be.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Monday, March 6, 2006
I wish I still had my SHIELD pin. I had a little metal one and I lost it on a vacation. I havent been able to find another one like it.
Captain Coder - Sunday, March 5, 2006
So I can pretend to be the SHIELD Agent I''ll know I''ll never be? I don''t know about ''pretending''. I feel pretty tough when I wear mine. Of course, I wear it under my shirt so noone else sees it :wink:

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