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Hobgoblin Review

Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 1
Interestingly enough (or not), The Hobgoblin is not associated with the Green Goblin in any significant way. Why then does he share the same fashion sense and fly around on a glider like the Green? Maybe he stole some equipment and spray painted it different colors? Who knows!? I doubt HE even knows, but nevertheless he is still a threat to Spiderman and the city he protects.

Hobs stands at about 4.85 inches and has all the basic articulation, except at the neck and left elbow. He wears a Halloween-like orange and dark blue/purple suit with a pumpkin bomb sack over his right leg (yes, he even throws the same pumpkin bombs as Green Goblin!). His left arm is spring-loaded and works like a catapult to throw the pumpkin bomb he comes with (which only works maybe half the time) which is nice. He has a short, knee-length, plastic orange cape that can clip to his neck and is removable. The detail is great everywhere on him (the pump-sack's strap even has the rivet holes!) except for his face. It doesn't look like the Hobgoblin from the cartoon, this face looks like a shriveled old man with red eyes while the cartoon version looked around 30 years old and had normal eyes. Also, the cartoon version was very muscular while this figure has an average guy's build.

Hobgoblin also comes with a dark purple glider, different from Green Goblin's, that fires a large missile. The spring that fires it is cheap, though, so don't expect the missile to fly very far. Hobs can stand on the glider with no problem at all. There was a larger glider made that was sold separately, but I've never seen it, so good luck finding it.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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