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Dr. Octopus Review

Dr. Octopus
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 1
It's funny how Spiderman's enemies all decide to wear bright colors, as if to tell the world "Here I am! Come get me if you can!"

Dr Octopus stands at 4.75 inches with all basic articulation, including knees and elbows. He wears his bright green and marigold-yellow suit like no one else can. Though Dr Octopus looks fat, he's actually very muscular as you can see from his barrel-chested stance. The paintjob is good, and he looks almost exactly like he did on the cartoon. The fascinating thing about the doc is those thick dark glasses he always wears. You see him and you?d wish he'd take the stupid things off because they don?t seem to match with his suit, but once you keep glaring at him for a few minutes you realize that he would look even MORE ridiculous WITHOUT them. Fascinating...

The major flaw with the doc is those horrible tentacles he has on his back. On the cartoon he could do almost anything with them, rob a bank, crush a tank, climb a wall, dig a hole, shoot lasers, weld titanium, save a kitten, but the tentacles on this figure are cheap and ugly. The claws on the tips of the tentacles are flat and bland and you can't even pose the tentacles! He would have looked MUCH better with the tentacles on the Octo-Spidey. There is a knob on Ock's back that you can pull to make all the tentacles move a LITTLE bit but that's not enough to cover for the bad tentacle job. Aren't you sick of the word tentacle by now?

Aside from the bad tentacles, this is a good figure. You just have to replace those tentacles with something better...

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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