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Scorpion Review

Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 3
Scorpion is a perfect example of the wonders of science. They took a short fat guy, stuck him in an experimental radioactive chamber, and turned him into a tall, muscular menace to society with an acid-spitting scorpion tail. Actually, he isn't that bad a guy, just an average joe like anyone else, but when you're broke all the time and need to eat, you're going to tend to rob a few banks.

Scorpion stands 5 inches with all basic articulation, except his right elbow. He wears his light green and dark green suit and looks exactly like he did on the Spiderman cartoon, even down to that angry scowl he loves to do. The paintjob on the mask differs in quality depending on what figure you get but, for the most part, it's decent. His scorpion tail is well made and can move side to side. It is about 9 inches long!! The downside is that it is stuck in a curved position behind him and isn't fully posable. He could do all sorts of things with it on the cartoon but now his abilities are very limited. When his right arm is moved down, the tail's tip moves over his head and shoulders so it looks like he's shooting acid at someone. Pretty nifty, but not good enough! His tail needed to be posable to make him perfect, but, overall, Scorpion is still a fine figure.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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