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Tombstone Review

Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 6
It seems like everyone who falls into a vat of deadly chemicals, provided they are under a super-hero's supervision, gains some kind of freaky powers or attributes instead of dying horrifically and instantly, as the large red warning signs everywhere indicate. I just makes you want jump into a toxic vat right now, doesn't it?

Tombstone stands at 5 inches of brawny muscle with all basic articulation, including the waist. He has pale skin, brown boots, a black high-collared vampire shirt, black wrist guards, and grey desert pants, the kind that bulge a little. Those are nice pants. And it's nice to finally see a comic book character who wears PANTS instead of TIGHTS. He looks just like he did on the Spiderman cartoon, although I can't remember if this is the same suit he wore on the cartoon, but that doesn't matter. The detail is very good, as most Spiderman figures do have. The wrist guards are sculpted on in glossy black, and not just cheaply painted on. There are even little veins running along his bulging biceps and wrinkles on his boots and pants.

There is a button on Tombstone's back that makes his arms move back and forth a little. The fifth time I pressed the button something snapped inside and now his arms just twitch when I press that button. Maybe you'll have better luck with this. Stones also comes with some unnecessary gauntlets (which are great for customizing some other figure) and a nicely detailed laser-tommy-gun, that's right, a laser-tommy-gun.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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