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Morbius Review

Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 5
A professor tries to find a cure to a disease plaguing mankind, only to have something go terribly wrong with his experiments and be mutated into a horrifying creature...where have we all heard that story before?...well at least Morbius was turned into something as cool as a vampire and not a giant lizard, right?

Morbius stands at 4.80 inches and has all basic articulation. The detail on him is excellent! From every wrinkle and button on his shirt and pants to his silver fingernails and veins running along his arms to his long hair. The paint job is also very well done, although some of these figures do have a slightly blurry belt-buckle, but this isn't anything to complain about. On the Spiderman cartoon, Morbius usually wore bluejeans, black boots, and a long black trench-coat (which he looked damn good in) and so does this figure! The high-collared, short-sleeved coat is made of soft rubber and is removable. A short-sleeved trench-coat sounds ridiculous, but vampires can pull off any fashion style they want. He wore a strange-colored shirt on the cartoon, but thankfully, the figure was given a red one which, of course, suits him just fine. The short sleeves help to show off his silver-veined pale skin. Morbius has a nifty trick he can do. If you squeeze his legs together, his head spins around and shows his vampire face! Squeeze them again and he goes back to his human face! This will provide hours of entertainment until you squeeze him too hard and break the trigger.

Morbius was, I'll say handsome, on the cartoon, (Hey, he did get Black Cat to love him! Even after he turned into a vampire, she still loved him! This guy was a hopeless romantic, in a non-clingy, non-sleasy, non-threatening sort of way...and that's enough of that...:P) but here his human face only slightly resembles his cartoon version, although it's still good. Morbius also comes with a bat figure, which is nice. Even if you don't like Morbius get him anyway. That trench-coat he has looks good on ANY figure you put it on, and that's a good enough reason to buy him.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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