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Black Cat Review

Black Cat
Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Spider Wars
I remember the first time I saw Black Cat appear on the Spiderman cartoon and wondering who she was. I can't believe I never thought of Felicia Harding, one of Peter Parker's old flames. I mean, come on, 'Felicia'? 'Black CAT'? 'Feline'?...yeah, I'm slow, anyway...

Our kitty poses prettily at 4.80 inches and has basic articulation at the arms and hips. I notice most female figures don?t have elbow and knee articulation, probably because the joints would blemish their usually lean bodies with unnecessary bulges. Luckily, Black Cat was made so that she doesn't need joints to be superb. She looks exactly like she did on the Spiderman cartoon, with her white gloves and boots, low-necked black cat-suit, and long white hair. She has one of the best hair sculpts I've ever seen! When you get her fresh out of the package her hair is snow-white and almost looks like it's flowing, just beautiful. Her body is sprayed with a matte finish which helps reduce glare on the suit and gives her a satin-smooth feel. The softness will eventually rub-off after frequent handling, as most figures' paint usually does. The detail of the fringes on her gloves and boots is very well done, very realistic. Her left arm is a little annoying because it sticks out a little too far from her side. This is so she can hold the weapon she comes with but the weapon is pretty useless, but this is more annoying than it is problematic. On the cartoon, Black Cat looked around 20-years young while here she looks maybe 27, this has no negative consequence whatsoever, it just makes her that much better. Nothing about Felicia is exaggerated, and certainly nothing is reserved. I think her chest could have been made a little better though, her charms look like they were sculpted and then simply painted over, it doesn't look like she's wearing a suit at all. If they had filled in the small gap in-between them then that would have given her a more natural look. Still good

I've seen some Black Cat figures with sort-of hazy paintjobs around the eyes while others have had very detailed paintjobs, right down to the irises. This is just one of those things you can't control so if you buy her online you never know what you'll get. Getting Black Cat to stand on her own is a hassle so I suggest getting one of those little bases with the pegs to display her on. She also comes with a suitcase filled with gold (which is always nice) and a large cross-bow that fires a bolt about half the time you try it. That doesn't matter though since she never used a giant crossbow anyway. And I must say, if the same amount of effort, that went into making Black Cat, were put into making a Mary Jane, then I wouldn't have had to write up that awful review on poor MJ.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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