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Vault Guardsman Review

Vault Guardsman
Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Techno Wars
I must have missed the Spiderman episode where these Vault Guardsmen came out because I had no clue who they were! They supposedly work as a kind of security force/prison guards for Tony Stark, who is Iron Man, so that's a good enough reason to like this figure.

These Guardsmen stand at just shy of 5 inches with all basic articulation. They are primarily light green with black, dark green, and silver green accents. This figure is a lot like the ones in the Iron Man line. Like those, The Guardsman has removable armor pieces that actually fit on him quite well. The armor has small pegs that fit into small holes all over his body. The armor isn't chromed like the Iron Man figures though. It's painted with light and dark green to compliment his suit underneath. He has a chestplate and back plate that click together, 2 wrists guards, and 2 leg guards. Sadly, he doesn?t come with a belt so there is a small ugly hole in his stomach. The picture of the Guardsman's helmet/mask on the package has a dark green stripe down the middle and is different to the all light green one he actually has, which is a shame because the one on the package suits him much better. The leg guards, whether by accident or on purpose, help to raise his height to a little bit over 5 inches. His chest plates look a little weird, almost as if they don?t match because they are a little too roundish...also his neck looks a little too long. The Guardsman also comes with a kind of double-barreled cannon that snaps onto his armor's back. The cannon has a dial that when turned makes the tips of the cannons move back and forth. I must say, though, that the cannon is more noisy than effective at stopping dangerous inmates...still good.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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