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Hydro-Man Review

Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Spider Wars
You may think being able to manipulate water is a silly super-power, but when you consider that most of the planet is submerged in water, suddenly silly isn't quite the word...

Hydro man stands at 4.80 inches with articulation at the neck, shoulders, hips (full-range), knees, and waist. On the cartoon, Hydroman had the ability to control water and make it do his bidding so our Hydroman was given those massive clear blue arms and fists he liked to beat-up Spiderman with. They're sculpted so that they actually look like they're made of water and not just clear plastic, very well made. He wears bluejeans, brown boots/belt, and a black shirt (all of which are finely detailed), and that crazed look on his face he constantly had throughout the cartoon, as if he just ate 50 sugar packets and now wants to kill you (yes, THAT look). I know Hydroman was very muscular on the cartoon, but I think the chest muscle on this guy is just a tiny bit overdone, but ony just a bit, not a major defect. He has a hole in his back where you can insert a small water pump that will shoot water out of his right fist, nothing impressive. His legs have a full range of movement which is great because you're going to need them that way to pose Hydro in any worthwhile position. His arms are heavy and so you have to bend his knees a little when you move his arms forward. Counter-balancing is the key to posing him, which isn't that hard to do.

Hydroman comes with a clear-blue water-spout base and a 4-way water-shooting device he can hold in his left fist, since it doesn't have the same feature as his right. The device is pretty useless since, the water jets are weak, but the base is useful. Hydroman fits waist-deep in it and it makes him look like he's materializing out of the water! The base has little wheels under it, to move him around in it I suppose. Also, the base helps to stand him anywhere so you won't have to do a balancing act every time. The fists have little white paint flecks, and the base has them too, near its bottom. They were meant to represent foam but they're more annoying than they are useful. Overall, a very nice figure.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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