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Spider-Woman Review

Iron Man (Toy Biz) - Series 1
Amazingly enough, Spider-Woman was made for Iron Man's line and not Spiderman's. It makes sense, what with Spider-Woman being vice-president of Stark Enterprises and all...

Spider-Woman stands at 4.90ish inches with articulation at the shoulders, knees, and hips. She has long orange-red hair and is dressed in a purple suit with long white gloves, boots, and spider-symbol on her chest and back. The boots and gloves are painted on, which actually looks better on her than sculpted ones. The paintjob on the edges of the white greatly varies from figure to figure. Some have clear, sharp lines while others are hazy or blurred and sometimes streaked. Look carefully before you buy.

Spider-Woman comes with a web-like object she can throw. When her arms are raised they lock up and there is a button on her back that makes them swing down to launch the web. It was a mistake to give her this ability! Her arms look stiff and pinned at her sides, but there's more. Her red-orange hair is very well sculpted, one of nicest I've seen, but in order to make her web-throw, the seam of the figure's body had to run across the top of her hair, it's an eye-sore! And the bad paintjob on it just makes the ugly seam more noticeable. The paint on her hair is just awful. It's patchy and thin and it chips off easily. At least her face looks nice, with those soft pink lips and a curl of that pretty hair.

At a distance, Spider-Woman looks great because you can't make out those little blemishes she has. Like all Iron Man figures, she comes with a picture ID badge with all her info on it. Her picture is hot ;D

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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