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Punisher (Movie) Review

Punisher (Movie)
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 6
Despite what lots of Punisher fans said about Tom Jane not being the right man for the role, I still think he was a great pick. When Tom is caked with make-up to do some interview, yeah, he looks like any celebrity bum off the street, but when he's taken a few hits, is raging out, and is covered in his enemy's blood, as well as his own, then he looks like the Punisher we've come to know over the years. Luckily for us fans, this "movie version" Punisher was released in the Marvel Legends line. And despite the fact that it was released as a Marvel Legends figure, figures known by collectors everywhere for their exceptional quality (ironically I am not one of those collectors, ha), this Punisher had some minor flaws that have forced me to name him "The -Almost- Picture Perfect Punisher"...

I thought this Punisher was going to be made either too big or too small for the ML line to somehow make him stand out as a "special Marvel Legends addition" or some clever excuse, but Movie Punisher stands at a little over 6 inches tall, making him in-scale with the rest of the ML line. He wears black pants and a short-sleeved classic-design Punisher shirt with the "new" Punisher skull. The detail is on the mark. The belt buckles, zippers, clips, and even the rivets on the steel-enhanced boots are painstakingly sculpted. The resemblance to Tom Jane is impeccable. His well-sculpted black hair is thrown back but with a few well-placed strands on his forehead. The paintjob on his stubble and eyes varies in quality (ranging from cold-hearted-glare to googly-eyed-stare). Some are a little sloppier than others but for the most part, based on what I saw in the stores, you won't be disappointed with a random buy. This Punisher isn't weighted down with all sorts of pouches and gizmos, he has a nifty rubber gun holster clipped to his belt over his right leg (thankfully not sculpted on) and 2 small ammo clip pockets on his left leg. His boot-cut pants are just beautiful. They will make you want to run out and buy some for yourself (at least I did). The muscle on him is true to the movie character. He looks like a man of medium build but with enough muscle to pose a threat to the criminals he hunts. The muscle is sculpted well, even in his hands! What does look a little under-detailed, in comparison to the rest of him, is his upper-body but that's because he's wearing a shirt, and that muffles the thunder of his ripped chest and abs. The most annoying thing to me is Punisher's skin. Instead of using only flesh-tone plastic, someone decided to then use flesh-tone paint over it. This is fine because his skin has a realistic matte finish to it, but then his forearms were shaded in a way that made them look a little sun-burnt. The area where his arms meet the sleeves is sloppily painted. It looks like the underside of his sleeve is made of flesh. The paint on the neck-hinge will most likely chip off after a few movements; a ball joint for the neck would have been the better choice. Also, the skull on his chest does not have the worn tattered look like in the movie. Instead it is a solid stark white on his black shirt, but it looks fine.

This Punisher is surprisingly well-articulated, for something that you'll probably just want as a piece of movie memorabilia, and can be posed in almost any way you want. Movie Punisher's head is on a swivel joint, which is connected to his neck with a hinge, which is then connected to his body with another swivel. His shoulders are double-swivel (sounds like a fancy ice-skiing move, doesn't it?) so they have a free-range of movement. The arms connect to the shoulders with a swivel, the elbows are double-hinged, there's a swivel just under the hinged wrists, the fingers are hinged where they meet the hand, and his right index-finger is conveniently hinged. Now he can hold a firearm and actually look like he's squeezing the trigger (too bad his left index-finger isn't hinged). He's hinged at the mid-section, swivels at the waist, his hips are double-swivel (lol), legs connect with a swivel just under the hip joints, double-hinged knees, swivel just under the knees, side-to-side rocking ankles, and a mid-boot hinge. Thanks to that itchy trigger finger, I count 38 points of articulation, 1 more than the Series 4 Punisher (why that is significant or even worth mentioning, I have no idea).

To the joy of fans everywhere, this Punisher comes with his black trench-coat and some heavy artillery. A custom pistol (same as the one from Series 4 Punisher but with a silvered tip), an assault rifle, a drab-green bazooka, and a heavy machine-gun (like the kind you find anchored in army helicopters). He can hold all of them with ease and they look good. Sometimes the guns are bent from the way they are packaged so you may have to straighten them out a little. This time Punisher comes with 2 knives! BUT they are only unusable molds sewn onto his coat, along with some ammo belts (one of which is a shotgun ammo belt yet he comes with no shotgun...). The coat looks great if you can figure out how to make it look less bulky, but he looks fine without the coat as well. Punisher also comes with a circular skull-emblazoned base to stand him on if you fancy.

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Dr Nightmare - Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Wow! It''s like today is a beautiful new day!
*Angels chant my name*
Now I can destroy those annoying cell-phone ads someone keeps posting
Captain Coder - Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Yea, I''m pretty sure this is your longest one yet!
I promise it takes less time to add these to the Home page then it does for you to write them. You are doing such awesome work I wanted to share it with more users. Plus, maybe it will encourage some new writers.
I made the correction on the Review. You''ve also got your mod status back if you want to update the post.
Dr Nightmare - Tuesday, April 4, 2006
Whoa, it''s longer than I thought
I did make a little mistake at the end though. Where it says....
I meant...
You dont have to keep putting these reviews on the front page if it''s too much trouble, Cap

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