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Thor Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 3
If you missed your chance to snag a Marvel Legends Thor for $7.99 while he was in stores, then prepare, oh foolish one, to spend tens of dozens of dollars on a ML Thor online. Dozens I say! I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Thor was a short-packed figure, which is why he is so pricey now. He goes for about 20 - 50 dollars depending whether he's still in the package or not. The up-side is that he's worth every penny you will pay (that's a lot of pennies). For the meantime; Hail Greatest Thor! Warrior of Legend, Master of Thunder and Lightning, Defender of Midgard, Surmounter of All Evils, Victor of All Battles Whether He Fought In Them Or Not, Rightful Heir to the Asgardian Throne!...etcetera, etcetera.

Thor towers over all lesser Legends at a truly mighty 7 inches! (7 1/2 inches if you count his helm's wings). He wears his traditional warrior's garb with massive red cape. Almost everything about him is well-sculpted and painted. His long sprawling dirty-blond hair is meticulously carved, the veins stand out on his bulging arms and legs, he has an impressive chest, and the wings on his helm are painted with a silvery-pearl. His upper-body is encased in a rubber shell so he looks more muscular, but this shell does sometimes bulge a little at the sides. The joints in his body are well concealed with paint and natural sculpting. His boots look like real wrapped leather and are shaded nicely. Thor does have some blemishes though. He has 4 circles on his chest that are supposed to be a metallic-blue color which are sloppily painted. You can see the brushstrokes! They become an eyesore after a while. His cape, although magnificent, impedes head movement because his long hair snags on the cape's neck-line. His hair needed to be sculpted a little differently. The cape is not meant to be removable but you CAN remove it with very little damage to Thor. Simply lift and tug at the tips of the cape until the weak glue begins to give away where it sticks to his upper-body. And then there's his face. In the comics he has a young-looking face but this figure's face is rugged and makes him look much older, around 40. He looks a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger...heh...

The Mighty Thor has lots of articulation to model him in any of plethora of awe-inspiring poses. His head connects to his neck with a ball-joint while his neck connects to his body with a swivel. His shoulders are double-swivels and his arms connect to them with a swivel of their own. The elbows are single-hinged instead of double-hinged because the bulky arm muscles would prevent effective movement anyway. His fingers and wrists are hinged and swiveled where they connect to the arm. His waist swivels and his hips are double-swiveled and there is yet another swivel at mid-thigh. His knees are double-hinged, so he can do some cool kneeling poses, and has yet one more swivel just under the knees! His ankles are hinged and rocking with one more hinge at mid-boot. I decree the Odin-son to possess no less than 35 points of articulation. Never listen to what the figure's packaging says, it's all lies!

A grassy base, riddled with the skulls of his fallen foes, is included with Thor to enhance his manly-ness. And what would Thor be without his hammer? (don't answer that). Thor comes with his Legendary Hammer with the gnarly name, Mjolnir. It is very detailed with a leather-wrapped handle and war-scars. But something still bothers me, if the hammer is supposed to be indestructible, then why is it so scarred and blasted and chipped and cracked? Shouldn't it be all smooth and polished?...what's going on here?...I think I hear a thunderstorm coming...

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Wednesday, April 5, 2006
I''m sure you''ll all be devastated to know that this will be my last Marvel Legends review, that is, until I get the other couple of Legends in the mail

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