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Mystique Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 10 - The Sentinel Series
There is nothing worse than false advertising by toy companies, NOTHING worse, especially when Toy Biz does it with their Marvel Legends.

Mystique stands exactly 6 inches tall. She wears her classic white dress with the a ring of bronzed skulls at her belt. Her skin is blue with yellow eyes and red lips, but for some reason her hair is not the vibrant red we all remember! It's brown instead with only a hint of red. But to be fair, she wouldn't look like a ML figure if her hair were bright red. Her face is pretty good, but don't stare at her for too long or you'll begin to notice that her face looks a tiny bit too wide. The white paint at the edges of her boots, gloves, and top is sometimes slightly blurry and sometimes so bad it's like a slap in the face. The white coat of paint is thinner in some places so the blue of her skin underneath shows through a little. Some of you may say this is just for shading the white, so I'll agree with you all, this time anyway . Her elbow and finger joints are tough to bend without feeling like you're going to tear them off and the ankle joints are a little clogged with paint so don't be surprised if a few white paint chips fly off. The flaps of the dress that cover her "fun parts" are detailed to look like fabric and are even textured and have a sewing-seam down the middle. Normally this detail would be a welcome sight, but since the rest of Mystique isn't as meticulously detailed, these flaps look a little out of place. The little skulls on her belt are awesome though. These are all minor details but what bothers me the most about Mystique is that her body looks more like a teenage girl's than of a woman's. Her body is way too thin and not curvy enough. If you look at the Mystique on the back of the packages, her dress is longer and snow-white, her hair is red, all her body parts are the perfect thickness, and she even has 2 extra points of articulation on her legs! Where is that Mystique!? Why did Toy Biz destroy that awesome figure and replace it with this other sculpt? It's not like the sculpt is bad, it's actually perfect for younger female characters, it's just not the right body type for Mystique. I am disappointed. What did they use that other body sculpt on? I'd like to know so I can go buy that figure and make a custom to replace this Mystique.

It's pretty hard to put lots of articulation on a female figure and still keep her curvy figure, and Mystique is a perfect example. Her head sits on her neck with a ball-socket and the neck connects to the body with a hinge so she can look up and down. Her shoulders are swivel-hinged for a full range of movement. The arms are hinged near her shoulders, the elbows are double-hinged, wrists are hinged, and her fingers are hinged where they meet the palm. She is hinged just under the ribcage so she can bend forward and back. She has a free-range joint over the ribcage hinge (like the kind most Spiderman toys have) so she can lean sideways as well. Her waist has that same free-range feeling and her legs connect to her body with ball-sockets. Her knees are double-hinged while her ankles are single-hinged to move up and down. I can't tell if the ankles have a rocking-joint because there is too much paint on the joint to tell, but I'm guessing her ankles don't "rock". Total points of articulation are 27, by my count.

Mystique comes with a piece of a huge Sentinel robot you can build if you have all the other parts that come with other figures. She also comes with a clear base/stand with a peg that sticks into her back so you can pose her like she's jumping or running or pretending to fly. And as if Toy Biz decided to kick some more dirt in our faces, Mystique also comes with a poster-book filled with super-sexy poses of her, so you can compare them to the little girl toy you got.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, April 16, 2006
I must now write an angry letter to Toy Biz about Mystique

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