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Black Panther Review

Black Panther
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 10 - The Sentinel Series
These Marvel Legends sculpts just keep getting better and better with each passing series. New joint-types are introduced, character similarities are more accurate, and they even begin to smell better (not that I sniff them that is...).

Just mention Black Panther and everyone knows he's dark, stealthy, and lethal (if we wanted to be :P) even if they've never heard of him before. Likewise, you don't have to know who Black Panther is to find this figure very impressive (and if you like Batman, then a storage mystical power is going to force you to buy this guy).

Panther stands at almost exactly 6 inches tall (6.01 if you count his pointy ears) wearing a completely dark cat-suit with golden eyes, hand-claws, and accents. Panther has one of the best cat-suit sculpts. Even though the suit is skin-tight, you can still tell he's wearing a suit because of all the subtle creases everywhere, even on his mask! Great detail. His entire body has a rough surface, and though that may seem strange, it actually makes him look unique and not like just another smooth Spiderman-type body. The muscle on him is excellent, it isn't bulky and he still looks powerful, although for some reason, people like to exaggerate those neck muscles. I'm just picky, I guess. Panther has small golden vertical rectangular plates near the base of his gloves that have intricate scroll-work. His belt also has scroll-work but is less visible. The claws are not the sharp-tipped weapons the package shows them to be. They are rounded-off at the tips instead. And while I'm pointing out more false advertisement, his belt isn't as fancy as the one on the package and the Panther on the package has a smooth body, not a rough one. Why would Toy Biz do that? Are they afraid that we won't buy the toy so they put some decoy on the box, like they did with Mystique? Panther also has a little purple dry-brushing on him for high-lights, which annoys me, but might please the rest of you . He also comes with a fancy black cape (which is easily removable) that looks nice, but when you think about it, a cape isn't the best thing a hero can wear when he's fighting crime and needs to be able to move around freely. Maybe they wear capes because they're cold?...

This panther is lithe and flexible. The head is on a ball-socket which is connected to a hinge on the neck so he can look up and down and all around. His shoulders are interesting. They are a swivel-hinge encased in a sort of pivoting sleeve in his body which allows him to move his shoulders back and forth like a real person (It looks natural too, despite all the fancy jargon of the joint names). The arms swivel just below the shoulder, elbows are double-hinged, hinged at the wrist with a swivel just below, near the elbow, and all his fingers (except his thumbs) are individually articulated so you can make some suggestive hand positions . They all are hinged where they meet the palm. He has a hinge near his ribcage (which you can't even tell it's there), to bend forward and back, and a swivel at the waist. Hips are swivel-hinged and the legs swivel just below the hips. Double-hinged knees with a boot-swivel just below, hinge-rocked ankles and a hinged boot-tip to finish it off. They all add up to 46 points of articulation!

Black Panther comes with a Sentinel robot piece and the same clear base/stand Mystique has so you can pose him like he's dashing from rooftop to rooftop or stalking his prey or dancing an African Death Dance or jumping over a really big hole! He also comes with a comic book where he reveals his origin to The Avengers, so you'll who it is you just bought for $9.99.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
hawkeye - Wednesday, May 3, 2006
I guess with the lincense expiring their trying to make as much as they can go as far as they can. I cant wait to get Sentry, none have shown up here yet
Dr Nightmare - Wednesday, May 3, 2006
And The Sentry from the GiantMan series as well, they just took off the roughness...they''re running out of ideas maybe? Or maybe it saves them money?
hawkeye - Wednesday, May 3, 2006
I think it was just to give it a more realistic feel. What I find weird is most of the fig was reused to make Wonder Man
Dr Nightmare - Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Well, as soon as I get one I''ll review it :]
Did anyone else find it wierd that Panther had a rough surface? I don''t think I''ve ever seen him like that, but it works
hawkeye - Wednesday, May 3, 2006
This was the first Figure I bought in the Sentinel series and was pretty impressed. But I do I like Cyclops a bit more.

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