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X-Men Legends Review

X-Men Legends
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Box Sets
I suspected Toy Biz would do with Wolverine what Kenner did with Batman, and they did. Many variations of Wolvie have been made, like the brown-suit and un-masked versions, but since these are Marvel Legend-type figures, people will shell out the cash for every single one. The good thing is that the variations are all worth buying because they all represent Wolverine as he was and is in different eras of his life. I wonder if they'll make and release the very first Wolverine, the one with whiskers! This review is for the un-masked Wolvie that comes in the ML X-men gift pack.

Wolverine stands 6 inches to the top of his head and 6 1/4 inches to the top of his awesomely wild hair. He isn't exactly supposed to be the tallest guy in the world so he looks a little over-sized, but he has claws and I don't, so I won't complain. The new series 12 Wolverine is supposed to be in-scale with everyone else, but he has the new suit from the comic book, not the original yellow, black, and blue that this 6-inch one has. Detail is great, even all the man-hair on his bare arms is there. He has metallic-blue shoulder-pads and he even has seam-lines on the gloves and stitch-marks on the black stripes so they look like sewn-on leather. I never thought I'd see the day that a toy's face actually looks like the character it's supposed to represent. Wolverine's face is perfect! It's twisted in a feral berserker's rage, so he's the perfect compliment to your Sabretooth (if you can ever get your hands on one!). I couldn't find any major paint flaws on Wolvie, just little blurs at the base of the gloves and a little excess paint on the hip joints. The rods that connect the thighs to the knees are blue which is strange since the knees and thighs are yellow. The rods are sloppily painted yellow to hide them (why not use yellow rods to begin with?). The muscle sculpt is impressive and intimidating, though I think the left side of his chest has too many ripples. His upper body isn't perfectly bland and symmetrical like the other ML figures. Instead, it's turning and leaning slightly to the left, and this makes him look better! When you pose him he looks like he's about to take a swipe at your face! I don't understand why people sell him loose and very cheap (I got mine for a dollar!) and people still don't buy him. Why don't people buy this Wolverine? Even if you don't like Wolvie, he makes a great base for a custom. And despite mankind's best efforts, they still have not figured out a way to keep his claws straight! Also, wouldn't it be nice to have a Wolverine with removable claws?

Articulation is exactly where you need it. His head rests on the neck with a ball-joint and the neck connects to the body with a swivel (although the swivel is unnecessary since it's too visible and the hidden ball-joint lets him look anyway he wants already...). Shoulders are swivel-hinged, arms connect with a swivel just under the shoulders, elbows are double-hinged, wrists are hinged and swivel at mid-forearm, fingers are hinged where they meet the palm. Waist swivels, hips are swivel-hinged, legs swivel at mid-thigh, knees are double-hinged, there is a swivel just over the rocking-hinged ankles and a hinge at mid-boot. Joints add up to 37 POA.

Since this Wolverine comes in a boxed set, he comes with a round blue/red X-men base to stand him on. Go out and get yours today before people begin using him to fix wobbly tables or start chucking him at cars...

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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