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Dennis Nedry Review

Dennis Nedry
Jurassic Park (Kenner) - Humans
Dennis Nedry w/Tranq Spray Gun, Dino-Damage Arm & Dilophosaurus

Unlike most of the figures in the JP line, this figure doesn?t look too much like Dennis Nedry (it is rumored that Kenner want to make the Nedry action figure a more ?heroic? figure). But don?t let its looks stop you from wanting to own this figure. There is plenty of playability: one of the unique features that you don?t find in the others is a ?Removable Dino-Damage Arm,? a human version of the dinosaurs? removable wounds. You are really able to recreate the JP films with this. Also, there is a Dilphosaurus hatchling and a Tranq-Spray Gun. Bad likenesses, great features!

Review-Grading scale:
Sculpt :: 6.5 ? 10
Colors :: 8 ? 10
Accessories :: 7.5 -- 10 Hatchling :: 9 -- 10
Overall :: 9 --10

      by Tyrannosaur22   Update Review

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