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Tim Murphy Review

Tim Murphy
Jurassic Park (Kenner) - Humans
This was the last of the figures from the Series I. I'm sure this may look... slightly boring when you first see it, it's now really bad at all! The face deoesn't really look to much like that of the actor, but it's still cool. Its weapon is a "Retracting Snare," and its hatchling is a Brachiosaurus. But not only do you get the weapon and Brachiosaurus, you even get a small cage to put the Brachiosaurus in! The figure may not look like much, but you can have lots of fun playing with it...

Sculpt :: 7 -- 10
Colors :: 7 -- 10
Accessories :: 6.5 -- 10
Hatchling :: 10 -- 10
Overall :: 7.5 -- 10

      by Tyrannosaur22   Update Review

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