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Mr. Sinister Review

Mr. Sinister
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 10 - The Sentinel Series
Everyone's favorite immortal/psychic vampire/genetic-engineering-genius/soul-reaver/evil-incarnate is finally put into a respectable scale! What's that Mr Sinister?...I must write a sparkling review about you or you'll eat my soul?...sounds reasonable...

Just when I thought Thor was a tall as they came, Sinister comes along and tops him at 7.2 inches! He is massive, the muscle is perfect, and the detail is amazing. His pale face is chiseled out of gravestone while the chrome-red eyes shine brightly like the red jewel on his forehead. He has that classic 80's flat-top hair and even a goatee. I couldn't find any paint-flaws on him (since not much of him is painted anyway, lol). There is intricate scroll-work on his chrome-red belt, blue rubber shoulderpads, and gloves. The blood-red stone on his chest looks like it was painted sparkly-red but since it's painted over the dark-blue plastic, it looks a little too dark, nothing to complain about though. His thigh-high boots are nicely sculpted to look like flexible material. What's annoying though is that his wrists aren't articulated. If you want to turn his hands then you need to turn the entire arm, very irritating. He comes with that weird red-undersided/blue-topped tendril-cape with a high collar. It's made of soft plastic and is easily removable.

Evil never had such poseability! Sinister's head is on a swivel-hinge and can face any direction. His shoulders are also swivel-hinged, arms hinge just under the shoulders, elbows are double-hinged, wrists are hinged, and all his fingers are individually articulated! He bends just under the ribs (if he even has ribs), and his waist is swiveled. His hips are swivel-hinged, legs swivel just under the hips, knees are double-hinged with a swivel just under them, ankles are hinged and rocking. I count 40 points of articulation! And on closer inspection, 42 POA when you count his hinged toes, toes of pure EVIL...

Sinister comes with a Sentinel piece and a completely unnecessary clear stand, like Mystique's. He can't fly and isn't exactly the most active of villains like Sabretooth or Magneto and he can pose evilly just fine on his own. Despite Mr. Sinister's awesome evilness, for some reason people aren't buying him as much as other Marvel Legends. He's around 8 to 10 dollars in stores, and 3 to 5 dollars loose at auction, and still no one buys him! Colossus goes for 30-50 bucks and he just looks like a big robot! You're all lucky Sinister doesn't smite you with his narly mind powers

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Friday, April 28, 2006
The ML Beast looked kinda....dumb, not smart at all like he did on the cartoons. I''m going to have to raid some of the stores around here
hawkeye - Friday, April 28, 2006
I dont remember but it should be reallly soon. I picked up the stealth Beast, its awsome! I prefer it to the ML version.
Dr Nightmare - Friday, April 28, 2006
That I saw, I''m getting that one! The Rogue too so I can repaint her into her classic colors :P When do they come out i wonder?
hawkeye - Friday, April 28, 2006
Daredevil had the horrible movie costume, the head only looked side to side and the shoulders have a He man articulation. I could go into further detail but long story short its a really bad figure. Do yourself a favour and miss this one.
I see your point about the Punisher but I still think its a bad figure
There is a repaint of the ML Colousus coming out in the excellent new X Men line(along with a Phenoix very simmilar to her ML figure) in series 3 I think.
Dr Nightmare - Friday, April 28, 2006
I see, but considering it is a "Movie" figure and meant more for display than for posing excessively, I thought it was decent. I haven''t seen that Movie Daredevil yet...I don''t think I want to get one either
hawkeye - Friday, April 28, 2006
I found it just a bad figure. The leg articulation is akward and next to the regular Punisher its just not as nice. Its got its good qualitys, being mainly its poseabilty aside from the legs. Cable is another figure that has the problem( I was really disapointed by the Cable)
Dr Nightmare - Friday, April 28, 2006
Yeah, Omega Red looks HUGE, that''s why I''m trying to get one. I don''t know how Colossus sizes up but I''m not spending 30 dollars on him
I think Sinister is one of those characters that you have to have liked their origins and stories in the comic books, before the toy came out, for you to really want to have him. When I first saw Magneto in the comic books, I thought, oh great another guy with too much red, but then I saw his powers and read his back story and now I''d like to have one, but they''re expensive...
I think Mystique was the greatest ML flop due to the gross false advertising on the packages. Mystique is beautiful in the picture on the back of the box, but looks anorexic once you actually see the toy.
What''s wrong with Movie Punisher?
hawkeye - Friday, April 28, 2006
I didnt like this fig as much as the others in the series. The best of series 10 was either Black Panther or Cyclops(Omega Red was pretty good too and I think hes bigger than Sinster). That said this is still ML and even their worst (Blade, movie Daredevil or movie Punisher) their still better than 90% of the stuff on the market.
Dr Nightmare - Friday, April 28, 2006
Whoa, twice the price!? @_@
How much is that in US dollars?
Riverâ„¢ - Friday, April 28, 2006
here in the philippines, the mr sinister that came out is more expensive the other figures.. ussually ML figures are P399.75 but the mr sinister figure came out at P800 up... dont know why??
Dr Nightmare - Thursday, April 27, 2006
Uh...the title of the review is wrong
Fix''d :]

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