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Spider-Man (Black Costume) Review

Spider-Man (Black Costume)
Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Classics - Series 1
The only character more popular, more loved, more idolized than our friendly neighborhood Spiderman is none other than the Black-Suit Spiderman! Okay, it's the same guy so that doesn't count, but since it is the same guy, that just goes to show how much everyone around the world loves Spiderman. It was only a matter of time before this Spidey was made a Legend but interestingly, he was made in a series of his own, Spiderman Classics (SMC), not with the Marvel Legends series. I think he was also made as a Marvel Selects release, and maybe even in some other line as well, so good luck finding them all!

There isn't much to say detail-wise, but I'll try to elaborate! Black-Suit Spiderman stands 5.85 inches, and since he's supposed to be smaller than your average hero, he is perfectly in-scale with the Marvel Legends line. He is made entirely out of shiny black plastic with white eyes, white patches on the back of his hands, and white spider symbol. The spider symbol on his chest and back is painted fairly well, some have cleaner lines than others so look before you buy. The eyes and hand-patches always seem to be nicely made so no problem there, although they could have been painted a little more thickly since they look dark-white (if that makes any sense to you) because of the black plastic underneath. He has lean muscle all over and his chest and abs are defined to give him a little more realistic detail. I have a problem with his head. It looks great in any position except when he faces to the side. It's hard to explain why it bothers me...if you've ever seen the movie "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolow", remember the lady who was at Chernobyl, and wore the veil over her face? That's what Spidey's face looks like. Also, he can look in any direction except down, which is a huge problem considering he spends most of the time swinging around sky-scrapers and needs to look down to see where he's going to land! I also found it annoying that after a few days of posing the joints became loose at the waist, thighs, and knees, effectively ruining any chance at cool poses because he kept becoming unbalanced and the knees would begin to buckle under his weight. Pose him with care...

Spidey is a bendy straw! (I got nothin'...). His head is connected to the neck with a ball-joint and the neck connects to the body with a swivel. He has free-moving torso, swiveled waist, and his shoulders are swivel-hinged for a full range of movement. Elbows are double-hinged, the forearms are swiveled, wrists are hinged, and his middle and ring finger are hinged, and move together, so he can look like he's shooting web from his wrists (which is strange since this Spidey shoots web from the white patches on his hands instead...). Hips are swivel-hinged, thighs are swiveled, knees are double-hinged with a swivel just below them, ankles are hinged and so are the tips of his feet. Spidey has 34 points of articulation, which seems low for a Spiderman...

B-S Spidey comes with a comicbook (which has a brief glimpse of Black Cat *wink wink*) and a pretty nifty brick-wall base you can stick Spidey onto that has a rain-pipe running down the side and a piece of black symbiote sticking out. It is wall-mountable, which is great because it looks ridiculous if you use it any other way.

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User Comments
hawkeye - Friday, April 28, 2006
I got mine when it came out in 2003 I think and opened it in the car on the way home. All my figures are loose because I think its a shame to keep it boxed. I gave all my 5inch figures to my friends kid and my little girl loves the ML line s they will all go to her when im done with them. I dont collect for investment and wont pay too much over retail for them because they wont stay sealed.
Dr Nightmare - Friday, April 28, 2006
You''re right, the arms are a little annoying to pose, but the forearm swivels near his wrists help a little. I agree, the lack of the bicept articulation does make his arms pose in awkward positions...Is yours loose yet?
hawkeye - Friday, April 28, 2006
The only thing I didnt like about it was the lack of bicep articulation, but its still one hell of a good figure. There is a Marvel Select figure coming out of BC Spider-man but only with 13POA i think? I agree about the base, its one of the best early ones done.

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