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Galadriel (Lady of Light) Review

Galadriel (Lady of Light)
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Fellowship of the Ring - Series 1
Remember back in the mid 90's when every toy line seemed to have at least one light-up figure in their assortment? You'd press the button on Cyclops's back to light his visor and he's knock down a building, remember that? What ever happened to the light-up toys? Toy Biz knows what kids want so they had a few LOTR figures have a fancy light feature, like the Evanstar Arwen and this Entranced Galadriel.

Dark Galadriel hovers a little over 6 1/2 inches, like many of the other elven-folk in the LOTR series. Her skin is a very pale light-green and her face has an amazed or surprised expression. Her hands are nicely sculpted. They look like she's casting a spell. Both hands have long nails but only the right wears a silver ring. Her long hair is made of clear, silvery, soft, flexible plastic. Her eyes are also clear with the irises painted on so when you press the button on her back it lights up the bright green LED light in her head and shines through her hair and eyes. If you ever have to replace the batteries for the light, there is a small panel on her back you can unscrew to change them. She wears a drab-bronzed chainmail corset, which is nicely detailed, with a long writhing see-through dark-sea-green dress. It covers her naked feet and makes her look like she's floating. She has shreds of the clear-green material wrapped all along her arms too. She also has a long tattered cape made of the same stuff. All the clear-green parts are made of soft plastic so they are very flexible. She's beautiful, in an eerily possessed way. She has a fair amount of articulation too. Her hips and shoulders are swivel-hinges, her ankles, knees, and elbows are hinged, and her waist, neck, arms, and wrists are swiveled. All joints are well hidden for an overall natural look. Her cape tends to make standing her a pain because it is longer than she is tall. If you can somehow manage to have it drape behind her then she'll stand just fine. Otherwise, go ahead and carefully pull off the cape because it isn't removable, she looks good either way. She doesn't have peg-holes on the bottom of her feet which is strange... o_O

If the fem-toy hogs haven't already hoarded them all from your toy-store, then go ahead and pick up this Galadriel. Pick up the Light-up Evanstar Arwen while you're at it too.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dorion Thurin - Saturday, October 4, 2014
This review is for Galadriel Entranced not this figure ^_^

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