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Magneto Review

X-Men - 2006 Series (Toy Biz) - Series 1
I haven't seen very many variations of Magneto's suits so I'm always interested whenever one pops up, like this one from the new 6-inch X-Men line. It's always nice to see what a character looks like in different outfits. Imagine Wolverine in a suit or Rogue in a bikini? Niiiiiice ;D I hope someone out there makes an "Age of Apocalypse" Magneto where he has the long white beard and more muscle.

Magneto stands at 6 1/4 inches tall and wears a purple suit with metal trimmings. It's almost as if you can tell that whoever was designing this suit was watching an Avengers cartoon with Hawkeye in it. He even has the loincloth around his waist! He makes a great Hawkeye custom and you don't even have to paint anything, all you have to do is change the head! But you're not going to change his head because it is finely sculpted, even his eyebrows are detailed! He has white slicked-back hair with two bangs hanging on his forehead and also comes with his helmet which fits perfectly. It's made of soft rubber so you won't damage the paint on his hair. His eyes are clear-blue and will melt the pants off your girlfriend, so keep her away from him. He looks about 40 years old and has a cold, calculating expression. He has an average build, as he should, since he doesn't really have to do a lot of physical labor to thrash the X-men. There is a small device strapped onto his right arm which is useless and should be removed immediately. You're going to have to peel the straps off and pop out the little unit though because they're glued on, but you'll be happier without them. I don't know if I like his cape or not, yet. It's a soft-rubber purple half-cape with a red underside and a metal collar, which is kinda bulky. It's a "half-cape" because it hangs all the way to his feet but it starts in the middle of his back and only drapes over his left shoulder. This is so you can strap another useless device over his right shoulder. It's like a backpack with a tube that leads to a little electromagnet (which actually works, after installing 3 AAA batteries) that he can hold in either hand. He's Magneto! He doesn't need a fancy magnet! He IS a magnet! But I'm sure some kid somewhere is going to love it. The cape isn't supposed to be removable but it's a good thing that it isn't glued on. It's just held on by the collar, but if you make a neat slice in it, you can remove the cape easily with no damage to Magneto. There are two small holes in his back to fit a peg from the cape and another from the magnet so they don't slide around. If you have one of those clear stands, like the ones that come with Black Panther or Mystique, you can use these holes to make him look like he's flying!

Like the Legends before them, the figures from this new X-Men line are very articulated. Magneto's neck is swivel-hinged, he tilts at the mid-section, and has a swiveled waist. Shoulders are swivel-hinged, arms swivel just under them, elbows are double-hinged, wrists are swivel-hinged, and each finger is individually articulated. Hips are swivel-hinged, legs swivel just under them, knees are double-hinged with a swivel just under them, ankles are rocked-hinged and the toes are hinged. They even bend backwards, creepy...he has 44 points of articulation! That's pretty good.

His fingers are articulated individually but they aren't sculpted the right way. The fingers just look awkward when moved alone. I think it would have been better to keep the fingers articulated as a whole. Also, his feet look a little too long to me. There was a painting mistake on his right leg where a part was supposed to be black was painted metal instead, but this might be a mistake on mine only. I heard this Magneto was rare, and it might be true because I only saw one of him in the store and bought it. I went back a few times and they never had him again, just a lot of Wolverines, Gambits, and a cat-faced Beast.

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