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Storm Review

X-Men - 2006 Series (Toy Biz) - Series 1
Now, I know many of you (apparently a TON of you) prefer Storm in her black full-body suit, and also in her skimpy one-piece black suit with the tiara or the mohawk version of her, and that's fine, but I'm telling you you're wrong! The classic white full-body suit was the greatest, is the greatest, and will forever continue to be the greatest Storm suit in existence! It is elegant and stylish, just like her long beautiful white hair, which she somehow always managed to keep perfectly snow-white, no matter how dirty the situation (just another one of those great comicbook mysteries, heh). I think I just managed to alienate 70% of the good folks reading this review, lol! I'm reviewing the Storm from the new 6-inch X-Men line since it is the only white-suited version of her. She is kinda rare since you can't buy her in stores too much due to 40 year-old pricks buying them all and reselling them elsewhere at inflated prices. The mohawk and black-suit were made for Marvel Legends so slide on over to your local prick-run internet-shop to get those insanely priced figures as well!

For some reason when I see this Storm being sold online the item description usually says something like "New 7-inch Storm!" or "8-inch Storm!". Let me put your minds at ease and clarify that Storm is exactly 6 inches to the top of her head and a little over 6 1/2 inches to the tip of her hair. She looks exactly like in the X-Men cartoons from the early 90's. She is so pretty! If you were disappointed with faces like Electra's then take a look at Storm's and tell me you don't love her, I dare you. Her skin is neither too light nor too dark and her eyes are all white (with black eye-liner and a little lipstick for sexyness) like when she's about to cast a hurricane. Her hair is amazing! It's snow-white and rich and voluminous (like those women in the shampoo commercials, hah). It's wild and free as if she were riding the wind, but I have to admit, I would like it better if it were a little less sprawled out like that, something a little more like Warbird's hair design would be nice. Her suit is finely detailed with wrinkles and creases in all the right places. Her high-heeled mid-thigh boots alone make her worth paying for! What really annoyed me though was that instead of having her suit be completely white, someone decided to shade the entire thing with light-blue. The result? The base figure was molded in blue plastic and then sprayed white for automatic shading wherever the paint coat was thinner. Fine, but the paint is thin in lots of places so her suit looks mostly light-blue (I hate you Toy Biz, but I'll still buy your stuff!). At least she has a soft matte finish instead of an ugly gloss. I am so happy that someone finally figured out how to sculpt a nice female chest, and did it with Storm. It is not too big or too small, just right. Remember those ugly hips female figures always seem to have? That has been fixed as well! You look at Storm and you know in your soul that she is truly a woman. Ladies tend to have slender fingers and wrists so when they are articulated in these areas it ruins their shape. Storm's fingers and wrists do not have hinges and I think this is a wonderful thing. Her hands look like she's conjuring up a cyclone or calling down lightning to smite those pesky Sentinels, so you'll have no reason to complain. Storm also comes with her white cape with yellow trimming (which is also shaded to death). It's made of soft flexible plastic and connects to two little pegs on her back. The tips of the cape loop around her wrists just like in the old cartoons (long live Jim Lee!). I don't think the cape was meant to be removed though, but if you really want to, pop out her gloves and slip off the wrist loops. You can try slipping them off over her hands but you'll risk tearing off her fingers that way!

Aside from having the most beautiful female sculpt EVER, Storm also has some nifty articulation. Her head is on a ball-socket joint which lets her look pretty much anywhere, and best of all, her hair doesn't get in the way too much. She has sculpted shoulderpads with the X-Men symbol on them that are on a pivot-hinge to let her reach up even higher. Her shoulders connect to this with a swivel-hinge, the arms connect with a swivel, elbows are double-hinged, and there is a swivel at the base of her gloves. She pivots back-and-forth at the midsection, waist is swiveled, hips are swivel-hinged, mid-thigh socket-swivel is well hidden by the boot-tops, knees are double-hinged with a swivel just below them, and the ankles are hinged and rocking. I count 33 points of articulation, and that's all you need.

If you like how shaded Storm's suit is then you will not be disappointed with anything about her. I didn't find a single thing wrong with her, she's flawless! She also comes with a clear stand like the ones that came with the Sentinel Series Marvel Legends so you can pose her in any flying position you want. I have no problem saying this is the BEST STORM EVER. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION MARK.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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