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Sunstreaker Review

Transformers - Alternators (Hasbro)
Being a large Transformers fan It came with great joy and pride when I heard that Hasbro decided to release Sunstreaker as an Alternator, unfortunately he was released 2 years to late. Sunstreaker was to be part of the original run of Alternators released, but due to no Decepticons being in line as of yet Sunstreaker was painted black and red and given the name Dead End.


This is the 3rd Dodge Viper to be released in the series. Sunstreaker is an exact copy of Dead End but with a yellow paint scheme. Sideswipe, the first Viper released (and Sunstreakers brother), is a convertible, while Sunstreaker is the hardtop with added spoiler and race themed detailing. The car itself is beautiful and has excellent auto detailing. Hasbro went as far as to detail the breaks and adding a small gas door on the design. It also has working doors and hood. Under the hood features a full scale Viper engine replica with the added feature of transforming the engine into the robots weapon. It's small details like this that set the Alternators line apart from the Transformers norm.


In robot mode Sunstreaker is a double sided coin. On one side the G1 color scheme old school features and design make him a must have if your a fan of the original G1 Transformers releases, but on the other its not design we haven't seen before. As stated previously Sunstreakers a repainted Dead End, thus other than his color we've seen it all before. Transforming from car to robot is a fairly easy process that takes about 2-5 minutes of work. Sunstreaker is 8" tall and has many, many points of articulation due to his different transform points. He hold together very well but in case of to much stress on any one point the parts are meant to detached. I transformed him multiple times and had no parts come off. This toy has been well design for veteran Transfans and younger ones.


Sunstreaker is an overall decent alternators pickup and must buy for G1 fans. The toy has been well made and is well worth the $19.99 price tag. I would have given this figure a 5 however as stated before his body is nothing that hasn't been seen before.

      by Shinobitron   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, June 11, 2006
Whoa, they look great as both cars and robots. I thought the car version was going to be bulky but that looks great :]

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