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Captain America (Ultimate) Review

Captain America (Ultimate)
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 8
What is it about guys who dress primarily in red and blue that attracts people? Take Superman, Spiderman, and Thor for example. Well, I don't really care, that was just filler talk. Apparently there are four versions of a Marvel Legends Captain America floating around. The original Series 1, Series 8 Ultimate Captain America and Classic Captain America (variants), and the new unmasked version in the Face-Off two-pack. For some reason the version that has grey stripes on his body is insanely expensive anywhere you try to buy it, so I bought the one without the stripes to review. He looks exactly the same (as far as I know anyway, the other one might have an extra lace on his boots) except for the grey stripes.

The Cap stands heroically at 6 1/4 inches. He comes with his standard shield and wears his red, white, and blue suit with some modifications. He has a small white star on each shoulder, doesn't have the little wings on his mask, his ears are exposed, has two seams running on top of his mask, and has nifty brown gloves, boots, and army-issued utility belt with a canteen. Everything on him is finely detailed and looks real. There are laces and pouches and texture on his boots and gloves, there are slight wrinkles and seams to show fabric, his eyes are neatly painted (this varies from figure to figure, I'm sure of it), his upper body is covered in fine scale-armor, his shield is flawless, and all this is topped off with a matte finish. The shield has two elastic straps and a clip on the back to attach it to his arm. He has the same problems Punisher has with his neck muscles, they're exaggerated! He looks like he's hukling over, and that's annoying when you know Captain America is known for his bold-chested, chin-high heroic poses. He can't tilt his head up either, and unfortunately I can't figure out a way to fix this like I did with my Punisher.

Cap has all the flexibility you need. His neck is on a swivel hinge, has a mid-section tilt, and a swiveled waist (is there any other kind? lol...). His shoulders are like Black Panther's so they can tilt back and forth a little farther. They're in a tilting-socketed-swivel-hinge, his arms swivel just below, elbows are double-hinged, gloves are swiveled, wrists are hinged and so are each of his fingers (except his thumb). Hips are swivel-hinged, legs swivel just below, knees are double-hinged, boots are swiveled, ankles are hinged and rocking with hinged boot-tips. The package says 42 POA but I count 46!

He also comes with a VERY nice base. It has pegs to stand him on, you can attach one of those clear tubes to stick in his back and make him look like he's jumping, and it is also wall-mountable for an awesome plaque. You also get a free trading card and very cool poster book. There is a picture of him in it with him wearing a helmet and a soldier's uniform, maybe someday Toy Biz will decide to make that version as well...

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, June 18, 2006
Another update:
Apparently there is a third variant to the Series 8 Captains. One of them does have the little wings on his mask, wether it''s the Ultimate or Classic version, I don''t know, but it could be both and now we have 7 different Captains. Come on, that''s just ridiculous.
Dr Nightmare - Thursday, June 15, 2006
Apparently there are 5 versions of ML Captain America. The Face-Off Series has an unmasked and a masked version. It has this Series 8 body but with red gloves and boots and with the normal mask with the little wings. The head sculpt for it looks great too, it looks better than the Series 1 in the pictures I''ve seen, but in person who knows...

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