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Scarecrow (Twister Strike) Review

Scarecrow (Twister Strike)
Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight (Kenner) - Series 1
With all the fancy new articulated figures running around today, people seem to forget that back in the 90's there were some damn good figures that didn't need much articulation at all to be amazing. And even more amazingly, some of those figures were in the Batman family, standing boldly next to the purple Batmen we all knew we would never buy, but some silly soul still decided to make. The Legends of the Dark Knight series was cranking out figures that looked like today's McFarlanes. They were intricately detailed and appealing, even if it was just another purple Batman. Batgirl looked great, and I'm still looking for her, but I was lucky enough to stumble across The Scarecrow for now. I have not yet seen a Scarecrow that has even come close to being as awesome as this one. The new ones are nice, but nice isn't what you aim for when you're supposed to be a terrorizing diabolical mastermind.

Lanky Mr. Scarecrow stalks around 7 3/4 inches tall to the top of his crooked old hat. His long craggy face is in a hideous smile. He has mid-length golden hair with a little beard on his chin. His hands are gnarled and crooked like his legs. The back of his head has a thin slit covered with clear plastic to let light in. His eyes are also clear red so when the light hits him from behind all you see is those glowing red eyes. He's painted with matte and semi-gloss colors, and the parts where his "skin" shows are made of golden-orange plastic that seems to have an inner glow. I've had this guy for almost 5 years and he still has that creepy sheen. What I especially like about this Scarecrow is that he doesn't look like a guy in a suit, he looks like a real scary-ass scarecrow! Not a single nook or cranny was left undetailed. Instead of a smooth muscles, his lean arms look like twisted strands of golden-orange twine with some scraps of light-tan cloth held on with barbed wire. His light-tan pants are also twisted and bound with more rings of barbed wire. His shoes are made of dark-brown burlap sacks with some golden twine stringing them up. He also has some tattered burlap across his back and shoulders, like some sort of shirt-vest, and some more burlap around his loins, all with some more barbed wire wrapped around (I never knew Scarecrow was such a massochist, ha). The wire is painted whatever color the "fabric" it's on is colored. It might look better if it was painted rusty-silver instead. He also wears some black suspenders, just to annoy Batman of course.

Articulation is minimal and borderline-acceptable. His arms only move straight out to his sides. His neck, hips, and waist are swiveled. Normally, his waist clicks when you turn it, but if you pull up on his upper-body it becomes loose so you can spin him around like a tornado (hence the name "Tornado Strike Scarecrow"). Lift his arms out to the sides, stick his giant scythe in his right hand, and let him rip! To make the spinning easier, there is a plank of wood sticking out of each shoulder so you can spin him like a wing-nut. More articulation would have made him MUCH better. Hinges in the elbows and having the shoulders be ball-socket joints would have kept the same lanky look and allowed him to have more menacing poses. This might screw up the "tornado strike" feature but that's a small price to pay to make him look more threatening. His feet are crooked on purpose, and look fine, but it makes standing him a pain sometimes. Swivels in the boots or in his legs would have fixed this. Swivels in his wrists wouldn't hurt either but what do I know...oh that's right, I know this Scarecrow could have been made the best out there but someone decided to add "tornado strike" instead of much needed articulation! Grrr...

If you're looking for a Scarecrow to add to your DC Direct collection, then get this one first, before you buy any of the recent ones. You can probably get this old Scarecrow for a few bucks instead of paying up to 20 for the newer ones. And believe it or not, this Scarecrow looks even better when it's dusty. Adds a lot of detail, ha...

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User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, June 18, 2006
Hah, yeah, "twister strike". Hey, this thing is 10 years old, I can''t remember everything!

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