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Sentinel [Build-A-Figure] Review

Sentinel [Build-A-Figure]
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 10 - The Sentinel Series
When bullets and steel weren't enough to destroy the X-Men, the government found a new way to put an end to them, with Sentinels. Wouldn't you love to have been at that evil scientist convention when these things were invented? There was probably a Lex Luthor-type there ranting "The X-Men must die! Guns won't stop them! Bombs won't stop them! What are we to do!?" "How about we throw giant robots at them? They're all the rage nowadays" "...BRILLIANT! Order 70,000 of them made!" "Sir, we can only afford 50,000..." "Fine! You're fired! Now we can afford them!". To build a Sentinel you have to buy most of the Series 10 Marvel Legends figures because they each come with a major piece in the package. The mid-section, upper-body, right/left arms, and right/left legs are all you need. The body parts all snap together easily, constructing this heavy monstrosity.

Each Sentinel towers over the puny X-Men at 16 inches high. It has rubber shoulder-flaps to cover up the bare cables there. The eyes are green dots, the thighs, biceps, and head are a brushed purple-steel, and the boots, forearms, and main body are brushed blue-steel. The cables and circuitry in-between the joints are bronzed. This thing is intricately detailed, every wire, metal plate, and gear is clearly defined. The joints are sturdy enough so they don't become loose, they can hold up the Sentinel's heavy frame very well. I must do some nagging though. The fingers look like they would bend at each knuckle-joint, but they only bend once where they meet the palm. For such a massive figure, you'd think there would be at least some sort of light-up feature in the head and torso to light up the eyes and the chest cavity. Maybe little lights on the palms and bottom of the feet to make those afterburners look more real? The holes in the palms are there so you can attach some flexible cables to wrap things with, a lot like Omega Red. And while I'm complaining, for robots that are supposed to be able to blow up a city block in the blink of an eye, these Sentinels are grossly under-powered. There are no laser-cannons, no hidden rail-runs, no extending limbs, no doomsday-missiles, not even a self-destruct button that makes him fall apart at least, just two cables to stick in his hands.

This tower of tin is articulated much like any 6-inch ML figure. The neck feels like it's a ball-joint because it tilts around, the shoulders are swivel-hinged, the arms swivel, elbows are double-hinged, the wrists feel like another ball-joint, and the fingers are individually articulated, including the thumbs. The upper-body is free-moving, the waist swivels, hips are swivel-hinged, legs swivel, knees are double-hinged, and the ankles feel like they might be hinged (they just pivot around, another ball-joint maybe?). Either way, you can't move them much anyway but they help the Sentinel have a solid stance. All the joints are hidden well for a more realistic appearance.

Completed Sentinels sell for around 40-50 dollars, but for a few bucks more you can buy the entire ML Series 10 collection and get the all the great figures as well. Well, they're all great except for those anorexic Spiderman and Mystique figures.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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