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X-Men Legends Review

X-Men Legends
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Box Sets
Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse than Mystique, I stumble across this. Rogue is the most beautiful young southern bell in the country and Toy Biz went ahead and destroyed that image with this...THING. How hard is it to sculpt a pretty face? How hard can it possibly be to look at a lady's face and sculpt it properly? Look at any other Marvel Legend and the face sculpt is either spot-on or in the ball-park, usually acceptable, but THIS!? I don't see Rogue! Where's my Rogue! I want the minx I've seen flying around in the cartoons, blowing kisses right before she clobbers a guy. This plastic rogue looks old hooker! There, I said it!

"Rogue" stands 6 inches to the top of her head and 6 1/2 inches to the top of her hair (which looks like a bunch of black spaghetti). The suit is great! The green parts on her have a slight metallic glow, the gloves and the top of her boots are well made (but maybe a little too wrinkled), and her belt looks great too. She comes with her short leather jacket with the rolled up sleeves, it's perfect! Her chest is perfect, her legs are perfect, the suit is perfect, but two major flaws ruin her utterly. She has a hideous crotch area and a horrible face. There is a slight unnerving bulge "down there" that is not a pretty sight. The hip joints are crudely made and make her rump very ugly, but not as ugly as her face Come on, the sculptor wasn't even aiming for Rogue when he did this. She looks old and has WAY too much make-up. Toy Biz needs to re-release Rogue with a new head-sculpt. This terrible one sells for around 20 bucks loose (she only comes in the box set), now imagine if her hips were fixed and she had a pretty face? Lots of money-making potential. From what I've seen, Rogue has the same body as Elektra and Black Cat so I don't recommend buying those figures either.

Can't complain about the articulation though. Her neck and shoulders are swivel-hinged, arms are swiveled, elbows are double-hinged, forearms swivel, wrists are hinged and so are the fingers. There is a hinge in the mid-section, waist swivels, ugly hips are swiveled at an angle, thighs hinge outwards, legs swivel, knees are double-hinged, calves swivel, ankles are hinged and rocking, and the boot-tips are hinged. About 38 POA in total.

I don't understand how these facial accidents happen. Where is the quality control! Where is the person yelling bloody murder when these things are submitted for approval! How about they send out a preview to us BEFORE they make the toys and we give them feedback. They could post the pictures on their website and put a poll there, or a small forum, something, anything! I'd just like to see less of these errors.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, July 1, 2006
I should add:
From the front she doesnt look so bad as long as you cover her face
And she should have a little hole in her back so we could use those clear base/stands to make her look like she''s flying.

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