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Bishop Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 12 - Apocalypse Series
Bishop always seemed like an interesting character, but thanks to having no money in my pockets, I could never buy the comics to learn his story. I always had to learn information second-hand with a biased edge like "Bishop is a wuss because he didn't do this in issue blah blah" or "Bishop is a god because he's so awesome and nothing kills him blah blah", just like with any other information you can think of. I'd rather learn information myself. When Bishop was made as a Marvel Legend I still couldn't buy him (hah), until recently. He looks great in the comics, but the toy doesn't exactly capture that image. There are way too many little imperfections.

Bishop stands 6.75 inches to the top of his head and a little taller to the top of his long, black, swept-back hair. Already a complaint, he's too tall. I understand that he's supposed to be tall and muscular but come on, he's almost as tall as Thor. And the muscle everywhere is waaaay too exaggerated. It's way too bulky and limits movement. The thighs and biceps are especially over-done. The hair is made of soft plastic like his bandana, belt, and gun holsters on his back and right thigh. The "X" symbol on belt is too big, but the metallic-red one on his chest is fine. The face looks like who it's supposed to represent, which is always a good thing. His mouth is half-open like he's breathing hard or about to scream. He has silver-red eyes, a goatee, and that strange "M" over his right eye. I don't know if he's supposed to be wearing earrings, and I really can't tell because the bottoms of his ears are so messed up, but there is a little gold paint there. The hair-line is annoying because you can tell that his hair is glued on. He wears the standard blue, red, and yellow of the Superman team, I mean the X-Men team, hah. I really don't like that the straps on his body are sculpted on instead of being made of the same soft plastic because the straps on his chest limit some forward arm movement. The cuffs of his sleeves are also sculpted and also limit movement. What annoys me even more is the sloppy paint job on the boots and the yellow parts on him. How hard is it to paint a button or a clasp!? The people who paint at the toy factory are hired because supposedly they know what they are doing, so when I see messy paint jobs I get a little irritated! He comes with a double-barreled shotgun (stores on his thigh) and a large rifle (stores on his back and looks like a freakin' cannon!). These guns are awesome and fit snugly in his hands because the fingers are individually articulated.

The articulation is fine but the free-moving joint at the mid-section looks a little strange in certain positions. The neck is a swivel-hinge, there's a free-moving joint in the torso, and the waist swivels above the belt. Shoulders are swivel-hinged, arms swivel, elbows are single-hinged (because his arms are bulky like Thor's), wrists are socket-swivel-hinged (first time I've seen it, looks nice), and each finger is articulated (except the thumb, which is funny since people make a big deal out of having opposable thumbs and how they separate us from the other animals). Hips are swivel-hinged, legs swivel, knees are double-hinged, boots swivel, ankles are hinged and rocking, and the boot-tips are hinged. About 42 POA in total.

This Bishop is decent but I'm still waiting for someone to make a great Bishop custom. The comic he comes with is pretty cool and has to do with his time-traveling adventures. His sister Shard is also in it which makes it good already, wink wink. And by the way, why hasn't anyone tried to make a Shard custom yet? Storm would make a good base figure since she is already wearing a suit...HINT HINT...

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Oh, and I should mention that the guns he has in the picture I submitted for the review were custom made, heh...
Dr Nightmare - Friday, July 7, 2006
Thanks! :]
True, even something like Sinister''s body would have worked, just a little shorter.
Unknown User - Friday, July 7, 2006
Great review I totally agree, maybe if they went with body type of Sentry or Wonderman.

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