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Venom (Symbiote Blast) Review

Venom (Symbiote Blast)
Amazing Spider-Man (Toy Biz)
After a couple of first attempts (and they were pretty good) at making a Venom, Toy Biz finally made the best version EVER. If you want a Venom, this is it, look no further! He's big and ugly and looks like he wants to eat you, but more importantly, he's awesome! This is like a dream come true! When Toy Biz really puts time and effort into something it is a beautiful thing. These figures come around once in a blue moon, and when they do, you'd better hitch a ride from Spidey and swing to the store to get them before the scalpers do...

First of all, what the hell!? 7 1/2 inches!? Even Thor quakes in his boots at this guy! Spiderman doesn't stand a chance! (Imagine having to live in daily fear of having massive Venom pop out at you at any given moment? How has Spidey not gone insane yet?) There are veins and rippling muscle everywhere, also the whole body has a weird texture to it (sort of like Black Panther). The body is great but the arms might be look a little too exaggerated to some people (like Bishop's) and the white spider-symbol may look a little faded at the edges. He doesn't have the white patches on his hands so you'll have to paint those on. The fingers are claw-like and individually articulated so he can grip people by the ankles and swing them around like ragdolls. The head sculpt is great with the long slimy tongue and sick grin, but I think the eyes could have been made to look more evil, ha. The teeth would have looked better if they were painted neater, but I understand that there isn't much time to do so when mass-producing a toy. He has a free-moving upper-body which is kinda loose (because he's so damn huge!) but it's not too big of a problem. There is one major problem though, his head won't move! Toy Biz made their classic mistake of choosing a useless "action feature" over articulation. There is a peg on Venom's back that when pressed moves his jaw open a fraction of an inch. Seriously, a FRACTION of an inch. It's not even noticeable unless you focus your full attention to it. His jaw is already almost fully open in the first place so why would they do this! A nice swivel-hinge or a ball-socket joint in the neck would have been a WAY better idea. Also, the tongue would work better if it were flexible like Omega Red's carbonadium coils.

The lack of articulation in the neck is annoying but you can still get some cool poses out of Venom. Shoulders are giant swivel-hinges, arms swivel, elbows are hinged (one hinge only because the arms are very thick), wrists swivel and are hinged, and the fingers are all articulated (except the thumb). Upper-body is free-moving, waist swivels, hips are swivel-hinged, legs swivel, knees are double-hinged, ankles are hinged and rocking, and the tips of his feet are hinged. About 38 POA in total.

Venom was just a neck-joint away from perfection, but what can you do, ey? Amazingly I still see these once in a while in stores (for only 7 dollars!) and never have enough money in my pockets to buy another. Buy this Venom the first chance you get, you will not be disappointed! Well, not majorly disappointed, anyway

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Tuesday, September 25, 2007
It might just be an optical illusion since he''s so muscular? I see what you mean though
scarecrow studios - Tuesday, September 25, 2007
i like this figure alot, i just wish his arms were a little longer, they are porportionate to where they should be on the top half of his body, but his legs are so frakishly long that it makes the arms look a little stubby to me.
Unknown User - Saturday, September 15, 2007
I bought this figure on clearance at TRU for $4 and he''s a very nice figue indeed. He makes the SM3 Venom look like complete crap.
Dr Nightmare - Monday, July 17, 2006
After tossing Venom around a little, it seems like the paint on his head peels off VERY quickly. The head is made of rubber so I guess the paint doesn''t stick too well? All you have to do is rub your finger across his teeth and more of the paint will rub off. Very annoying!
Dr Nightmare - Friday, July 14, 2006
"Hello, beastie..."
If you want to give Venom some basic swivel-neck articulation all you have to do is peel off his head. The head is made of soft plastic and is only glued on so if you peel at the glue then you can move his head side to side! You can even move it up and down and all around since it works like a ball-socket joint.
You might have to pull off his tongue if the movement is still limited. Don''t worry, there is a little cavity where the tongue goes in so you can put it back in anytime. You can even spin the tongue around if you decide to pull it off!

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