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Cammy Review

Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 2
The first line of 6-7 inch Street Fighter figures was pretty awesome. They looked just like they were supposed to and were beautifully made, but they lacked the articulation to put them into good action poses. Then a few years later SOTA Toys came along and made those awesome figs look like a joke! The new figures are fully articulated and even have interchangeable heads and hands! They usually come with a "casual" head, a "battle-ready" head, and lots of different hands for different attacks. This is how toys are supposed to be made! All other toy companies should bow their heads in shame Every SF fig even has it's alternate colored suits just like in the games. You can try and collect them all if you have a small fortune to spend...

Cammy stands 5.75 inches to the top of her head and 6 inches to the top of her beret (that's a hat, lol). The beret has a little yellow insignia with a little eagle on it. She wears her standard issue green one-piece ass-kicking suit designed to distract male combatants and blind the female ones with envy It has a little red upside-down triangle over the perky right breast. The suit isn't just painted on, there is a definite embossing at its edges, a nice touch! She has dark red bracer-gloves on her forearms, that are nicely sculpted, and are the same color as her hat. The dark brown military boots (well, they look brown to me) are well detailed and even have the tops of her red socks peeking out a little. Her blond hair alone is worth paying for. The two long pigtails are made of soft plastic and are meticulously shaded and detailed, and she even has those cute bangs on her forehead! And speaking of cute, Cammy's face cannot get any cuter! The winking face is adorable and the serious face is just as cute and almost makes you want her to knock you out. There is also a little clear wireless optical-microphone-headset included that you can stick in her left ear (of the serious face) for when she goes on a secret assignment. All the facial features are dead-on to the Street Fighter video game, even down to the lack of nostrils. That's right, she doesn't have nostrils (maybe none of the SF figures have them?) but who cares Her legs have the green camouflage pattern we've all come to know and love. Cammy isn't over-articulated so she still looks sexy. You get only the essential articulation because that's all you need to pose her to your heart's content. You'll have no problems getting her into any of her trademark attack-positions, including the spectacular Front Kick! On her right elbow, there is a small red disk glued on that as far as I can tell serves no purpose! Is this some sort of elbow-guard? I'd like to know because I've never seen Cammy wear it before.

Cammy is articulated at all the vital areas and even has swivel-hinged hips for maximum kicking effect! Sometimes her arms don't turn all the way in certain positions, but that's not enough to be problematic. Knees and elbows are double-hinged for a greater range of movement. Her boots don't swivel though and can sometimes be annoying, but the tips of her boots however are swiveled and hinged so this helps her stand a little more firmly.

These Street Fighter figures are a dream not only because of the great sculpts but also because they are perfectly in-scale with the Marvel Legends! Why is that important? Because a few years ago someone released a massively popular game called Marvel vs Capcom 2 which pitted the popular characters of each universe against each other. So now you can do the same without being beat-up by a snotty 13 year-old every time. There is also another Cammy made by SOTA, I think it's called the "Spike Cannon" Cammy. She comes with some guns, has knee-pads, and it looks like she might have a different head sculpt too. There might be some other differences as well, try to buy it and find out!

So do I choose Rogue or Cammy?...Rogue or Cammy...I can't decide! ;D

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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