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Dangerous Curves Ahead Review

Dangerous Curves Ahead
Danger Girl (McFarlane) - Special Editions
Espionage, danger, sexy women provocatively-dressed with guns and knives, who would have guessed the Danger Girl comic would take off so well? Shamefully, I don't know much about the Danger Girls due to lack of income while growing up which led to the lack of awesome comics, but a little research goes a long way!

Sydney Savage - Prefers to use the shapely curves of her body than the curves of any gun or knife to subdue an opponent, but will use a sniper rifle when required. Likes to use bullwhips too (maybe the black full-body cat-suit tipped you off?).

Abbey Chase - Champion marksman with most small firearms. Knowledgeable in world history, archeology, and many, many languages. Leader of the Danger Girl team.

Natalia Kassle - The Russian spy who won't love you. An expert at edged-weapon and hand-to-hand combat (she gives even Punisher a run for his money, not that he would ever pay to have his arse kicked by a beautiful woman...what was my point again? Oh yeah, she has nice pants )

In my limited knowledge, one thing I know for sure, I now regret not riding off in my neighbor's lawnmower and pawning it for comic book money.

Sydney poses in at about 6 1/2 inches. She wears a collared very low-cut black leather cat-suit with a silver zipper running down the front (looks like Black Cat's suit without the white fur). High-heels, a shiny black belt with a round silver buckle, and a brown whip looped over her right hip top off the ensemble. As you would expect from McFarlane toys, all the Danger Girls are exceptionally detailed, even Sydney's simple cat-suit comes to life. The teeth on the zipper are individually sculpted, the belt is meticulously made, and there are wrinkles in her suit in all the right places. Her long dark brown hair is pulled back behind her ears and the rosey lips, blue eyes, and lavender fingernails are all perfectly painted. There is a small black dot on her left breast, but I don't know if that's a beauty mark or a factory of the greatest factory errors ever made. Sydney is in a casual pose with her left foot in front of the other, hands open, arms slightly out to the sides, and majestic chest held high and firm. On top of that, the seductive smile is almost too much!

-Articulation/Notes: Sydney, like her mates, has mostly basic articulation. The neck swivels, arms move up and down, hands swivel, waist swivels, and her legs are also swiveled but at an angle. Normally that makes standing a female figure difficult but it works well with Sydney. I'd still use a base/stand though because she may fall over due to the way she is posed. She can hold the whip in her right hand.

Abbey is a little taller than Sydney and just as sexy. She wears tight dark-blue pants with a wide green stripe running down each side. The thin black belt has a silver buckle with a red DG insignia on it. Her tight grey short-sleeved shirt ends half-way down and is nicely shaded. She has short dark-blue gloves with open backs and long shiny black boots. There is a holster strapped to her right thigh to hold her awesome Desert Eagle (that's a really, really cool gun). This gun is one of the best-looking weapons I've seen for action figures. Abbey's hair is very nice! It is a light golden brown with some blond streaks. It's mid-length and pulled back behind her left ear while the other side covers the right-half of her pretty face. Her eyes are supposed to be hazel but for some reason they look grey. Factory-error? Also, there is a black dot on her left cheek, but I think it's supposed to be there, hah. Like Sydney, Abbey is also in a casual stance. Her right arm is fully extended while her left arm is bent to rest a hand on her hip.

-Articulation/Notes: Abbey also has mostly basic articulation. Her legs are also swiveled at an angle but she can stand just fine on her own. Her right arm is swiveled slightly at an angle so when she pulls out the Desert Eagle she can aim straight ahead (ideally at your grabby hands). I have no idea how she can use that gun so often, I imagine the recoil on it must be insane! She must be pretty strong...

Aaaah, Natalia, my favorite of the femme fatales, so beautifully detailed! Belts, knives, pants, gloves, buckles, everything is nearly perfect! She stands non-chalantly at about 6.75 inches. Russian, and born in Romania, her skin is rightfully pale and her eyes the frosted blue of a frozen mountainscape. Her long blond hair is sculpted in a way that it looks silky and smooth, but the paint job isn't too great. It's very patchy and takes away from her overall magnificence. She wears one of the nicest outfits I've ever seen. It's pretty basic to most people, but I love the purple! Natalia wears dark-violet military pants tucked into laced-up dark-brown military boots. There is a silver-handled knife sticking out of her right boot but it isn't removable. A row of throwing-knives is strapped to her right thigh but they aren't removable either. There is a small sheath strapped to her left hip that does have a small removable knife! She also comes with 2 large hunting knives, and they are gorgeous. The only problem with them is that they have no sheaths! Natalia has to carry them in-hand all the time. A sheath strapped to the back of her black silver-studded belt would have been a good idea. She also has finely sculpted dark-brown gloves with black buckles. Natalia has to use for leather jackets or tank-tops, so she covers herself with only a dark-violet bra and a fish-net stocking "shirt". It is a privilege to face her in combat

-Articulation/Notes: Natalia has a few more POA than the other girls, but still, it's pretty basic. The neck is supposed to swivel but for some reason it is stuck on my figure and I'm afraid I'll ruin her if I try to fix it Her waist swivels but the stocking-shirt does a great job at hiding it. The arms move up and down and have a swivel at mid-arm that the shirt's sleeves cover well. The legs swivel at a very slight angle and help her stand confidently. The boots and gloves also swivel. For some crazy reason the people at McFarlane Toys decided to make Natalia's left forearm shorter than her right. Her left hand looks like it sprouts out of a stump, very creepy. And for some reason the left glove is very loose in it's socket. Why do toy companies do this! They make something beautiful and then add some little defect to screw with us! Growl...

Other Notes:
-I didn't get my Danger Girls individually, I got them in the special 3-pack. They come with a large base they can all stand on, that looks like the ground at a ruined temple, and has the Danger Girl logo on the front. If you buy the Danger Girls individually packaged, they come with mini bases that match their backgrounds.

-For some reason, Sydney's hair is sort of sticky so dust sticks to it easily. This is very annoying! Maybe this is just another factory error.

-Natalia's head won't turn, maybe just another error on my figure only.

-There are tiny black dots all over the Danger Girls' faces, mostly on Natalia. The dots aren?t on any other body part, just the faces. WHY, MCFARLANE!? WHY!? Did I get a DG package made by a disgruntled worker or are all these 3-packs dot-faced? The dots aren't noticeable at a distance since they're pin-point dots, but still, knowing they are there irritates the heck out of me! But a few tiny flaws are definitely not enough of a reason to stop you from buying these delectable dames

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User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Friday, August 18, 2006
Wow, this looks way longer than it did when I typed it up

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