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Azrael Review

DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 3
I had no clue who Azrael was when I saw him on the store-pegs but when I noticed there were only two of him and about a hundred Batmans, Robins, and Mr Freezes, I figured he had to be short-packed (and apparently he is at 1-per-case) so I snatched him up. Maybe I can re-sell him later and buy some soap, right?

Azrael stands lithely at about 6.25 inches to the top of his head and 6.5 inches to the tip of his hood. The suit has a dark-red/bronzed color scheme and oh boy what a suit it is. Of all the hoods I've seen on action figures, this guy has one of the best. Nicely-shaped and it doesn't limit the ball-jointed head movement at all. His head is all black with white eyes and a red design over his nose and mouth. He has two capes, the first layer is a kind of sash with a detailed gold buckle and an insignia painted on and has two "tails" that run down his back. There is a gold line that runs along the edge of the sash, but it is sloppily painted. The top-layer looks like Mr. Sinister's cape, it has 6 "strands" of cape running down the back and looks cool. Even though the capes look bulky, they still don't block any neck movement! Under the sash-cape is some bronzed ribbed-armor covering his chest. The shoulders have bronzed round-armor and the detailed belt is the same color. His guantlets are crazy-looking contraptions! They look like a pair of bronze jet-turbines with fists! They are well-detailed with wires and circuitry and have clear-orange "thunder" over each fist. The fists only have four fingers, probably some crazy comic-book story behind that. He doesn't have boots but there are little wrinkles on the tip of his feet and a few on his arms and the entire figure is well shaded.

The articulation is better than most other DC figures. The neck is a ball-joint, the shoulders are socketed swivel-hinges, the arms swivel, elbows are hinged, the guantlets swivel, the fists swivel too, the waist is swiveled, the hips are swiveled and hinge outwards, legs swivel above the knees, knees are hinged, and the ankles are hinged and rocking. It looks like there is also a joint hidden under the chest armor that lets him bend forward and swivel some more too. 28 POA ain't too shabby.

Azrael comes with no extra items like machine-guns or laser-cannons, but like all the Series 3 DCSH figures he does come with a nifty full-color cardboard backdrop/stand you can assemble and display him on. You don't have to worry about him falling off because he has a firm stance on the ground, which is a good thing because he has no peg-holes under his feet.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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