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Apocalypse [Build-A-Figure] Review

Apocalypse [Build-A-Figure]
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 12 - Apocalypse Series
As I slowly amassed the parts for this figure, it dawned on me: This is a really freaking cool looking figure. Towering over the other Marvel Legend's figures, Apocalpse is a gigantic menace. There were a few flaws in him from the manufacturing stand point: short packed arms that came with figures without cords, suddenly changing his arm and leg colors in a second wave making it harder to put together a uniform figure, joints that don't want to move. Some of these are easy to gorgive in say a Wolverine figure where you spent $5 and can just pull his right leg apart to fix the glued shut joint, but with Apocalypse, each body part cost $5 or 6 or 7 or 12 and that means a lot when it's an arm or leg you have to fix. His arms and legs are designed so that you CAN NOT accidentally put them on the opposite sides. They have larger rods and slots on one side than the other. This makes for a slight problem as the side with the larger slots are harder to move than the smaller.

An additional problem I found was that the legs connect into a single point. The ball joints in the lower torso both plug into the same thing internally and this caused the problem I mentioned in my other review of that part.

A huge bonus of this figure is that he has a huge amount of space in his chest so you can do some great customizing (i.e. my lighted eye effect). His hands are also quite easy to remove which allows for great customizing with possible added shapeshifted hands and the like.

This figure looks really awesome when fully completed. If you do end up with parts that don't match, you can always go the way of everyone else here, and fix it by painting them the right colors. It has some flaws, but not too many to kill the effect of having a freaking huge villain!

      by VariablePenguin   Update Review

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