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Shocker Review

Amazing Spider-Man (Toy Biz)
I'm not sure what the big deal is with the animated-style Shocker (made for the Spiderman cartoons in the 90's) that people are bidding over 20 dollars for it, but it looks like the new 6-inch Shocker is going to have the same effect on people because it is short-packed.
I have nothing against Shocker, but come on, Shocker!? What's so great about this character that he has to be short-packed? And the actual figure isn't too electrifying either.

Shocks stands about 6.25 inches to the top of his mohawked head. The Shocker in the comics and cartoon had a bright yellow, black-criss-crossed suit with brownish-red gloves/boots/vest/mohawk/undies and silver electro-gauntlets/belt/bootcuffs. This new Shocker has a new outfit, and it looks much better, but not by much. He has a burnt-yellow-tan, criss-crossed shirt with a brown vest and brown gloves with squared silver electro-gauntlets and belt. The criss-crosses aren't black but they are embossed so they show up well. He has a brown vest, brown cuffed boots, and long brown pants that are well sculpted to look like leather, just like the vest, gloves, and boots (the boots look "baggy"). Shocker is decently shaded, and that's pretty much it for the detail. Some might say this suit is a little bland (and I have to agree) but it is an improvement over the old one. The feet are very thin and look strange. The part of the foot just below the ankle joint needs to be sculpted better to fix this! And like the old Shocker figure, this new one can fire a projectile (which looks nothing like electricity) from the top of each fist. And to accomplish this mediocre "action feature", the finger, wrist, and elbow articulation had to be removed from Shocker's arms. That means his arms move only at the shoulders and swivel a little. Also, he has no mid-section joint and is in a permanent semi-crouched-over position (like the Stealth Venom). He looks great in a "firing" position, but in any other it makes him look like an idiot sometimes, hah...

The articulation on this guy is good, but it's missing from the elbows and mid-section, two crucial areas for Shocker. The neck is a socketed-swivel-hinge, shoulders are swivel-hinged, arms swivel, waist swivels, hips are swivel-hinged, legs swivel, knees are double-hinged, boots are swiveled, ankles are a rocking-hinge, and the boot-tips are hinged. 27 POA is alright.

And to harp over the useless "action features" toy companies feel necessary to butcher a figure's sculpt and articulation with:

STOP DOING IT, PEOPLE! What's wrong with you folks! If you're going to add an ability to a figure, like make it shoot lightning, then DO IT RIGHT OR DONT DO IT AT ALL! If Shocker's "blasters" could blast worth a damn, I would have no problem with the elbows being frozen, but the 4 "bolts" included have no resemblance to energy of any kind and they fly about 3 inches before they dive-bomb to the ground! What's the point in HAVING blasters if you CAN'T BLAST anything!? Useless! And the buttons used to fire, on top of his fists, are ugly protrusions. There is a small white wind-up dial in Shocker's back that when wound and released causes his whole body to vibrate for a while. Another useless feature, but the novelty value of this function almost makes it worth not breaking off that ugly dial in his back. Rev that sucker up and race it against those old wind-up McDonald's toys or your girlfriend's own collection of toys- well, nevermind...

Don't spend 20 bucks online for a Shocker just because it's short-packed. Try to find it at your local KB Toys or just get a Black Panther and repaint it. They have the same body-build already anyway.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, September 17, 2006
Calling him a "shocker" implies some sort of electrical gimmick, if he uses air then he needs an airy name like WINDRIPPER or THE VENTILATOR. Windripper, now THAT''S a badass name xD
True, I need more villains
VariablePenguin - Sunday, September 17, 2006
Shocker because he shoots shockwaves of air at high frequency. He can knock you over, or turn your bones to jelly.
Shinobitron - Sunday, September 17, 2006
Ugh No articulation really sucks. I''ll buy it just because its a villian I don''t have but thats the only reason.
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, September 17, 2006
He shoots AIR and he''s called the SHOCKER? When he shot the blasts in the cartoon they had lightning streaks around them, I figure that''s why he''s called the SHOCKER, dammit. Now I''ll call him the AIR-ER, or the WINDBAG.
Still, it''s a half-decent figure but not worth the high price online.
VariablePenguin - Sunday, September 17, 2006
As far as the blasts, I''m fairly certain that Shocker shoots shockwaves of compressed air. That is why his suit is quilted, it''s padded to protect him from the effects of the waves. As far as features like the lauchers, I agree, they are very stupid, especially when built into the figure. I prefer if they add a feature like that, they put in on a removeable attachment.

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