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Young Avengers Review

Young Avengers
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Box Sets
When are kids going to learn that messing around with gamma radiation is NOT a smart thing to do! If you DON'T want to be horribly disfigured then listen to your parents and DON'T go near the barrels of glowing slime! Dancing around a leaky particle accelerator is also not smart! Getting hit with plutonium isn't smart either! Of course, you might get lucky and turn green and hulk out like...the Hulk...I think there is a nuclear fission plant down a few miles that way! Hurry before that annoying neighbor kid gets there first!

Hulkling stands in at 7 inches of bulging green muscle. Mercifully, he has the intelligence and visual mercy to wear a nice black/grey suit instead of threadbare short-pants like another green hulk of larger, more brutish proportions. Our not-so-little hulkling here has well-sculpted muscles, right down to the veins and fibers. He wears black pants with a black belt and a black sleeveless shirt with a quilted grey pattern from the chest up. He also wears shiny black boots with shiny, black, fingerless gloves. The pants are tucked into the boots and look very military-style. There are well-placed wrinkles and folds all over his clothes for realistic detail. The head-sculpt is very neat and clean, like the rest of this figure. Everything is sharply painted. He has greyish-brown, short, almost-bowl-cut hair and 5 silver earrings in each ear.

Hulk Kid has the articulation needed to pose his massive frame with stability. The neck, shoulders, and hips are all swivel-hinged. Arms, legs, hands, and waist are all swiveled. The knees are double-hinged, the elbows are hinged, he has a mid-section hinge, the ankles are hinged and rocking, and the boot-tips are hinged. The boots don't swivel but this doesn't seem to pose a problem.

You can only get Hulkling from the Young Avengers box set. He comes with a circular stand with his jolly green face on it, but he can stand just fine on his own. His hands are really big.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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