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Young Avengers Review

Young Avengers
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Box Sets
Our Asguardian stands heroically, with satchel and stick in hand, at 6 inches tall. Even though these Young Avengers are as tall, and sometimes even taller, than the much older heroes, these kids somehow manage to still look like kids! The leaner muscle, lithe frames, and well-sculpted faces come together well and get the job done right, but let's get back to the stick. It's more of a staff, but is it a magic staff? Does it shoot freaky energy blasts? Wizards like to use staves to channel the Forces of Nature to do their bidding, so is this kid a wizard? Unless he can swing throw it like a lance or swing it like a hammer, he'd better know how to eat fire and spit lightning because no formidable enemy is going to be kept at bay by a stick! He also has a finely-crafted, silver-accented, brown leather satchel (that's just a manly word for a purse) hanging over his right hip, and it is removable. He wears a mostly dark blue suit with red, yellow, and silver accents. The silver/red/black gloves and burnt-golden boots are well-sculpted and have fine scrollwork. They are painted neatly, just like the rest of this figure. He wears a red soft-rubber rag-cape around his neck with two silver shoulder pads attached to it. It can be removed but I don't see why you would want to! He has a silver head-band-helmet with two large wings on either side of his head and a shock of black hair. I don't know if they wings are supposed to be shiny, like Thor's, but this kid's wings are dull grey with some white. Either they are supposed to look natural or someone forgot to paint them silver! His face is okay. He has an eyebrow raised and looks like he's looking at an abstract painting and trying to figure out what the heck it's supposed to be. The whole body has a soft matte-finish to it but some places are still a little glossy. The folds in the clothes are nice but the crotch looks over-done, wrinkle-wise.

Most of your expected articulation is here. The neck, shoulders, and hips are swivel-hinged. The arms, wrists, waist, and legs are swiveled (wrists are also hinged). Knees and elbows are double-hinged, ankles are hinged and rocking, and the boot-tips are hinged. Like two other Young Avengers figures, the boots don't swivel! Under the boot-cuffs is the perfect place to add a hidden swivel-point but they decided not to add it. It's not a huge problem if he's just standing but when you try to place these guys in certain poses, you find the missing swivel to have been a welcome addition. The fingers on his right hand are hinged but his left hand is stuck in a gripping position to hold the staff.

Like the other Young Avengers, you can only get the Asguardian in the box set. He comes with a circular base to use if his ankles are loose. If someone can explain to me what his yellow belt is supposed to do, I'll appreciate it :]

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Monday, October 2, 2006
Oh, and where it says "Unless he can swing throw it like a lance", the word "swing" isnt supposed to be there, oops
Dr Nightmare - Monday, October 2, 2006
Yup, he might make an even better Gambit! I don''t like the shoulders on the ML Gambit, and he''s too short. Asguardian is 6 inches even so he works :]
customizer - Monday, October 2, 2006
this guy looks like gambit infact with very little work he could be gambit

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