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Captain America vs Red Skull Review

Captain America vs Red Skull
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Face Off Sets - Series 1
Yay, another Captain America. At least he's been kept down to only 4 Marvel Legends version: Series 1, Ultimate, Classic variant, and the Face-Off version. This newest Face-Off Cap is the best I've seen so far. He has the same body as the Ultimate Cap but with a much better original head-sculpt, more vibrant colors, and his original suit.

This Cap stands in at about 6.2 inches of stupendifurous gloriousness, if such an exalted adjective can be imagined. The entire blue/red suit is highly detailed with wrinkles, seams, cuts, and shading. This Cap's suit is very bright and colorful, with a glossy finish, while the Ultimate Cap has darker colors with a matte finish. The glove-cuffs are not too bulky and are long enough to cover the old brown gloves' base (which are still sculpted onto the forearm, only painted over with white. How lazy can these toy companies get?). The boot-cuffs are also just the right size, but his feet are bordering on being too long. Just one more millimeter and they'd be clown-feet! The face and eyes tend to make or break a figure so it's a good thing Cap's are nicely painted. The scales on the suit cover his entire upper-body (the Ultimate Cap' had less scales). I know paint-jobs differ from figure to figure, so you can't judge an entire by one figure, but the Cap I got had atrocious body-painting, atrocious I say! The star on his chest is patchy and the area on the arms where the white meets the blue is very sloppy. The white paint doesn't even meet the ridge where the blue scales begin! The stripes on his stomach are arranged properly (starting with a white stripe down the middle) but are painted just as sloppily. The white parts are even dirty. The paint on the elbows is crusty and cracking and doesn't cover the blue elbow-pegs at all. By the way, why would they use BLUE pegs on an area that is supposed to be WHITE? Toy companies don't see a problem with this? I just know they do this because it probably saves them an extra nickel per figure. The belt is the same design as Ultimate Cap's, but for some reason, much worse. It gives the impression of lacking detail, almost as if the mold was somehow distorted. The little silver buttons on the pouches are non-existent and are replaced by a messy dab of silver paint. Maybe I could have gotten used to the bad paint, but when I tried to turn his right glove, it tore off thanks to dried paint in the swivel-joint.

The articulation is standard issue. All the fingers are articulated and he has a mid-section hinge. The belt limits leg movement only when you try to pose him in a kneeling position.

At least the shield is superbly painted.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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