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Daredevil (Masked) vs Kingpin (White Jacket) Review

Daredevil (Masked) vs Kingpin (White Jacket)
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Face Off Sets - Series 1
Glee overtakes a Marvel Legends collector's body when he hears about more villains being made, and when it's someone as large as The Kingpin, that happiness only grows, and grows, and grows like a bubble of joy, until it's burst by someone like that ugly Lady Deathstrike or the upcoming BAF Blob (and on that note, Kingpin makes an excellent base for a Blob custom, sacrifices must be made, so get to work!).

Kingpin towers over everyone else at just over 7 inches tall of massively awesome bulkiness. There's not much to say about detail since he just wears a white coat with grey pants, but he is still an impressive work of art nonetheless! His suit is seamed and pleated with wrinkles where they should be. The black dress-shoes have two golden clasps and he wears a large golden pinky-ring. Yeah, a pinky-ring, that's how you know he's bad to the bone. The hands are appropriately large and articulated! the right hand is designed to grip his cane and the left is in a fist, but the fingers are still hinged so he can make people kiss his pinky ring, hah. It's just annoying that the wrists don't turn, but they are still hinged. The face-sculpt is alright, but I think he looks a little too young, like a big baby-face. The sculptors did a good job on this guy's body. He doesn?t just look like a fat guy in a suit, he looks like a wily mountain of muscle waiting to a suit.

The King has lots of articulation for his size. He has most basic movement with the exception of the mid-section, the wrists, and only one hinge in the elbows. The missing wrist-swivel is annoying, but other than that, he's fully capable of dancing to some disco tunes.

The cane he comes with is okay, but it's curved and the "gem" on top is ugly. I suggest you replace it with a Lego gemstone. And like all the face-off packs, Kingpin comes with a cool backdrop of his office. Bullseye and a bunch of ninjas are in the background so you know it has to be good!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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