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Wonder Woman (Armored) Review

Wonder Woman (Armored)
Kingdom Come (DC Direct) - Series 3
Sometimes when you look at a figure, something in your black little soul says you MUST have it. Even if costs a hundred dollars, even if you have to get a second job, and even if you have to stay up through many nights on end writing reviews to earn it! The Wonder Woman from the Kingdom Come series is phenomenal! Even if you hate Wonder Woman (and may Zeus, Aries, and Bhuddah sit on your head if you do), you cannot hate this figure. I hate gold (prefer silver) but this figure almost makes me think I'm insane for doing so (how about a variant silver-armored Wonder Woman? Who wouldn't buy that?).

Diana stands perfectly in-scale with your Marvel Legends figures at a bit over 6 inches, a little taller (about 6 1/3) to the top of the helm. This is how tall all the DC figures should be so collectors don't have to choose between DC's 7-inch scale and Marvel's 6-inch. You shouldn't have to choose a side, you should be able to buy either line of figures and rest assured they will be breath-taking on display, without an 8-inch Superman glowering in the background, anyway...this Wonder Woman is fantabulous! The entire armor is a marvelous golden-color (except for her silver bracelets of course). I assume the armor is ceremonial because she doesn't really need armor to fight. The helmet has the uncanny likeness of a screeching hawk's head, and to go along with that theme, the skirt and shoulder-flaps are roughly feather-shaped and she has two magnificent golden wings (they aren't poseable since DC likes to have statue-esque figures). She wears golden shoes and long shinguards reaching over her knees and has a gold-hilted sword, sheathed in brown, at her belt (possibly the sword given to her by Hephaestus, the one capable of cutting even Superman, ouch!). She also carries a golden spear (removable), a round shield (removable with oddly off-theme designs), and of course the Lasso of Truth tied over her right hip. Long strands of jet-black hair flow behind her from under the helm and she wears part of an American flag as a sort of scarf-cape (try and figure that one out, hah). The chest-plate bares the classic "WW" insignia. The legs, arms, neck, and face are exposed, such a pretty face. She has lightly painted lips, rosy cheeks, and a certain look in her eyes. I don't know wether it's Amazonian pride, insanity, or smugness that she's nearly invincible in the armor, but she has a contented air about her.

The main reason people like a ton of articulation on a figure is because they like putting it in all sorts of cool poses, and also because it helps to make the figure stand up (if you ever get JLU figures or older Marvel figures, you'll know what I mean). DC isn't known for great articulation, but they get the job done. Wonder Woman has basic joints (all swivels), but this a good thing because any more joints would ruin her feminine figure (and oh boy, WHAT A FIGURE!). The hips, arms, wrists, and neck swivel. I can understand why she doesn't have knee joints, the upper-body is heavy and that would just loosen them up over time. The authoritative stance she is in is stable enough to pose her without aid. The left hand is in a fist and the arm is slightly bent; it's used to hold the shield (it has two loops that the arm goes through). The right arm is also slightly bent and is used to hold the spear, but she looks fine with or without weapons. The Lasso and Sword aren't meant to be removable, but since when has that stopped you? It's annoying that the sword isn't removable, you can't unsheathe it or take it off her belt. Well, you can pop it off her belt, but then you have an ugly peg on her waist.

And now I'll keep talking some more, when I should just shut my trap already: If the sculptors had made the helmet removable, I would sacrifice my neighbor's first-born child to them. You will love this face-sculpt, it deserves a non-helmeted version. If the wings could "flap", it would be nice, but they look great as they are. Wonder Woman comes with a little black base, and I mean little! It's not big enough for both her feet to stand on and does not help her stand any better at all. It's useless.

She looks great in the package! This is one of the rare few figures I almost didn't open up. In fact, most of the Kingdom Come figures look awesome in the case.

...and yes, she's wearing panties. Golden Panties of Gloriousness!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Monday, October 9, 2006
All fix''d! Let''s see if I can take her helmet off...yay, new project :P

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