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Supergirl (White Shirt) Review

Supergirl (White Shirt)
DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 2
The face really makes or breaks a figure. Would you buy a Superman figure if he looked like Chuck Norris? Ok, bad example, of COURSE you would buy that, you'd buy 100 actually and erect a shrine to his honor, but you wouldn't buy this Supergirl, even though she looks like a man, and that may be close to Chuck Norris, but it's not enough. If this Supergirl had the Head of Chuck Norris, her quality would sky-rocket a thousand-fold, but since she's just ugly, you'll see a thousand of them sitting on the store-pegs.

This Supergirl wears the suit she had on the Superman Cartoons, white shirt and gloves, blue skirt, red cape and boots. The skirt is made of rubber, and it looks fine, but it's sort-of flowing, the Supergirl I remember had a tighter skirt to make her hips look slimmer. The cape is made of flexible plastic and is "flowing" behind her, but it just looks crooked. The symbol on her perfectly-sized chest is neatly painted. It's engraved so it has an embossed look. She's about 5.80 inches tall, nicely in-scale. The body-sculpt is great! She has muscle-tone that isn't exaggerated but you know is there. The blond hair is made of rubber and has the black band across the top. I liked how this hair looked in the cartoon but it looks lackluster on this figure. For some reason, it looks good on the Animated Supergirl and the first DC Direct one. Maybe a different sculptor made this DCSH version? The point is, her whole head ugly. Firstly, the skin is all matte-finished, which is good, but the skin-tone all over her body is about 1 or 2 shades too dark. She almost has a tan, Supergirl doesn't have a tan, why start giving her one now? And most annoyingly, her face looks like Pocahontas. No, I can't say "indian" or even "native american" anymore without offending someone, so I'll use a fictional character to- what? Pocahontas was a real person? Dammit! Fine, her face is un-good. How's that? Not offensive to anyone? Good. Jerks. :] At least the boots look great.

Supergirl has all the essential articulation to be posed properly. Elbows/knees/ankles are hinged, shoulders/hips are swivel-hinged, mid-section/arms/gloves/legs/boots are all swiveled and the neck is a ball-joint. All the joints are hidden well so she looks more natural. It's hard to give a bare navel a mid-section hinge and make it look good, so I'm glad it's swiveled right under the shirt instead. The hip-joints are well-designed and allow a wide range of movement and the ankles rock a little too. Her boots don't have peg-holes in the soles, so if her knees ever get loose (and the knees on my figure are already getting there) you're going to have to drill the holes and get her a base to stand on.

When you're sculpting figures, you want to try to at least get in the ballpark of the character's likeness. This doesn't look like Supergirl at all. Where is the quality control? Why wasn't someone round-house-kicked in the face for this? Chuck Norris is not pleased.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Monday, November 19, 2007
And it''s the suit she wore in the Superman cartoons Thanks for playing!
Collector1 - Monday, November 19, 2007
Actually, Linda Danvers the second Post-Crisis Supergirl, wore the costume after she was seperated from Matrix. Pick up a few collections at BAM or a Comic Store.
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, October 14, 2006
I got her because I knew I could use her body for something. The face is really the only horrible flaw on her
Shinobitron - Friday, October 13, 2006
I seen this fig at Wal Mart and was really disappointed. You hit it on the nose with the false advertising.
Dr Nightmare - Thursday, October 12, 2006
Horrible false-advertising of the face, enough to rival Marvel''s.

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