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Fantastic Four (4 Figures) Review

Fantastic Four (4 Figures)
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Box Sets
Susan Storm seems an odd name to give someone with invisibility abilities (try saying that 10 times, fast!). The name makes her sound like she could bring down a building with only a thought, but actually she's a real sweet-heart! Well, at least the figure from the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four box set is cute. She could be a raging alcoholic for all I know, like our friend Peter Park- I mean, Tony Stark! I've never read a FF comic-book...

Mrs. Fantastic stands about 6 inches tall and about 6 1/4 inches if you count her short, spunky, blond hair. In fact, she has an overall perky look, like she ate too many pixie-sticks, but in a good way! I remember seeing her in magazines with long hair, but what do I know. The hair is a very light brown and has a nice sculpt. She's so cute with big blue cat-like eyes, reddish-brown lips, and even dimples! I'm guessing the darker black/blue/grey suit she wears is a new FF uniform. It looks much better than the blue/white suit they used to have. The entire thing has a soft-matte finish and looks great without all the gloss most figures have (very camera-friendly!). As always, the quality of the paint-job will vary. The hip-joints aren't a train-wreck like past female figures. They are sort of like Punisher's hinged hips except that Susan's hinges are well-hidden for a natural look (I think this is the body Black Widow had). Like most ML figures, there must always be a hiccup in their otherwise flawless finish. The left leg is slightly longer than the right so you'll have to bend the left knee a little to make her stand perfectly straight. And while I'm complaining, someone has to do something drastic about the generic "boots" the female ML figures have. They look like socks! And they have to start making more interesting hand-sculpts! Invisible Woman can create force fields, so why not give her hands that look like they are casting the fields, like Storm? Gambit's hands are appropriately sculpted in a throwing position and they are still hinged, so why not do this for other figures as well? I would gladly sacrifice a hinge in the fingers for a great hand-sculpt. I'm getting sick of seeing the same feet and hands on all the female figures.

Susan has all the basic ML articulation, including a mid-section hinge. Apparently the joints are well-assembled because I've been posing this figure a lot (to make tutorials, go read some on this site!) and they are still tight!

This is a great figure! Some of you might want to change her hair to make it longer, but sadly her hair is sculpted, not glued on, so you can't just pull it off and replace it. There is a lock of hair on her forehead that makes this even harder. You'll most likely have to use some Sculpey and repaint parts of her head to change the hair, but it looks great as it is!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Shinobitron - Friday, October 20, 2006
Well she still looks good after having 2 kids.
Dr Nightmare - Friday, October 20, 2006
Lol, I don''t know why everyone says they''re too big, they look normal to me, but I guess you could sand down some of the inner thigh?
Shinobitron - Friday, October 20, 2006
This figure always came off to me as having thunder thighs

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