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Longshot Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 14 - Mojo Series
As we all know, nothing good came out of the 80's, nothing except Longshot and his golden mullet of course! But even such awesomeness can be marred by the touch of some disgruntled sculptor, as many of the Marvel Legends figures have been, and Longshot is no exception...I'm going to stick that damn sculptor with a paperclip when I find out who he is...

Longshot stands 6 inches tall and about 6 1/4 inches to the top of his shaggy mop. The likeness was captured well in the face (although if the jaw were a little more angular he would look even better), but his hair is sort-of...yuk. In the comics it's loose and looks like sharp quills flowing behind him, but the hair on this figure is too "round", it also looks too thick. Hard to explain unless you see it in the comics! Also, it isn't trailing behind his head, he just has two "pony-tails" sticking out from his collar, giving the illusion that the rest of his hair is there.

The suit is all black with a silver belt-buckle, zipper down the front, and a silver star-burst on his chest. The belt and the pouches on it are blue and well-formed. Longshot has his standard brown-leather bandolier across the chest with the balance-rods of the throwing-knives sticking out (yeah, he throws knives like Green Arrow shoots). He also has the pouch he uses to keep stuff in, stuff he finds on his adventures and collects because he likes it, and for no other reason than that (I bet that's what all superheroes do with those pouches on their belts! They find a shiny nickel on the street and put it in there). The pouch and bandolier are removable. There is a small sheathed knife sculpted onto the right boot.

And now for some annoyances: Longshot's left hand has three knives SCULPTED onto it, meaning they can't be removed and that hand is only good for one pose but the other hand is fine. I remember the wrist-cuffs being white just once, and then I always saw them black like the rest of the suit (but then again, I haven't read ALL of the comics he's in, but come on, they're even black on the back of the package!), but they're white on this figure. The mid-section hinge is a little loose (maybe just on mine) and the pins in the hands are black, sloppily painted with flesh color (why can't they use the same pin color as the body-part!? Most likely to cut down on costs somehow). The inside of right leg looks "dented". The shoulders aren't broad enough. He has those shoulder-pad things built-in to the suit but they are too thin to make the shoulders look good. His chest is too narrow, he needs a slightly larger build. He's supposed to be kind-of lean but this figure just looks thin, not particularly impressive. It would be awesome if he looked like he does on the cover of the comic he comes packaged with.

Longshot has most basic Marvel Legends articulation, with no shoulder-sleeve, which even though I don't like shoulder-sleeves, I think they would work great to fix his narrow shoulders. If you've ever seen Storm's shoulders you'll have an idea of how that would work. I'm glad the sculptors are starting to experiment with new shapes for joints, but for the most part, they are failing miserably! The arms swivel but they are shaped in an interesting way. The rear of the arm is higher than the front, and it's not that they're horrible, they're just...interesting, hah. Aside from the mid-section hinge, all the joints are very tight.

The ML people started getting smart and adding a backdrop in the package (printed onto the front of the card) with the Mojo Series figures, in addition to the comic and a BAF Mojo piece. Unfortunately, Longshot's is lame with the "baby X-Men" in the background, from one of his past adventures. They couldn't think of anything better? (How about fat Mojo screaming and sending guards after Longshot so you can put him in a cool running position) And another thing, if you're going to call this the "Mojo Series" then HOW ABOUT RELEASING FIGURES THAT ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH MOJO. Luke Cage!? Baron Zemo!? IRON MAN!? ANOTHER ONE!? WHY!? Where's Spiral!? Where's Dazzler!? So you guys chose to make BARON ZEMO over SPIRAL? At least you guys could have made a better Jim Lee Cyclops or Rogue since you love making so many variations of a figure. LAME.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Monday, October 23, 2006
They should have saved all the Brotherhood mutants for the Blob BAF series! (or make it all fat people, lol) They could have made each series dedicated to a certain group of characters too. Like all FF and a BAF Doombot or all Spiderman and a BAF Spider Slayer! I would buy like 10 of those things!
VariablePenguin - Monday, October 23, 2006
I agree with your analysis of them needing to relate the BAF to the series. The Sentinel and Apocalypse all had a bunch of mutants/x-men. The Onslaught came with a bunch of other villians. Giantman came with several Avengers. The only other BAF they made a mistake with was Galactus (he should have come with someone out of the FF).

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