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Fei Long Review

Fei Long
Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 4
This is my first Street Fighter (SOTA) figure and may I just say IT'S FREAKIN' BEAUTIFUL! I've always wanted a few of these figures but never wanted to fish out the $13.00 to $25.00 for one. They even reach up to about $50.00 for a Ryu online. I purchased Feilong at Sun Coast at my local shopping mall, on the 50% off rack for $6.50 so I snagged him up (I also got 3 ML Wonder Man figures for $3.50 a pop)


I usually categorize figures 3 ways: "Custom Fodder", "FIX it and keep it", and "Straight up KEEPER!" (rare). Feilong is almost a "Straight up KEEPER!" but I had to fix a few things so he's a "FIX it and keep it". First Lets go over the PROS which their is a lot of. First and foremost, the best part of all the Street Fighter (SOTA) figures is that most of them come with 2 heads, repeat, TWO HEADS! Haven't seen that since my ML Deadpool Figure. One Head has a docile yet hardcore look on Feilong's face and the 2nd head has an angry battle cry look to it. Both heads are awesome and sculpted Perfectly. Feilong also comes with 2 sets of hands. One set of hands holds his weapon (but does not grip...???)... NUNCHUKCS! which are totally sweet and use a REAL chain. The other set of hands are cool and look good but do not provide any purpose, one hand is an unproportioned fist and the other is a fist with index finger up (like #1). I do not use them but knowing I can change them makes me smile (always can be custom fodder too) As for the sculpting... IT IS GREAT! No rough edges, no mold seams, no sloppiness what so ever. He has (i counted) 33 points of articulation. The joints in his kung fu pant legs are especially impressive, they are very thick and strong. And his Paint job is near flawless with all flat colors that feel very smooth and muscle shading looks airbrushed, it makes him look very Anime.

A few things make him fall into my "FIX it and keep it" category. Time for some cons. First off, HE WILL NOT STAND UP for more then ten minutes. This is caused by his pointless and completely unrealistic mid-foot 360* pivot. You stand him and his feet collapse and it can't be retooled. So I had to glue his feet solid, no more pivot. This still did not completely solve the problem since he is very top heavy (not a bad thing but should've came with stand) So I had to drill holes in his feet and make him a stand. and lastly I had to repaint his white socks due to (the only) paint defect.

All in all This is one hell of a figure and the only way I would change it is if I found a Bruce lee head that had correct proportions...any suggestions?

      by Kyle Robinson   Update Review

User Comments
modern_messiah - Sunday, October 29, 2006
You guys are so lucky to live in america.. I''d kill to get a ML for a cheap price, akk mine are around ?7 - ?10..... And i''d swap thos two or one of the wondermans for some galactus parts.. check my thread ....................
Dr Nightmare - Friday, October 27, 2006
Yeah the SF figures are all awesome! No ugly seams anywhere and the paint seems to always be flawless! I''d buy a dozen Cammys if I could

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